Gainsight’s customer success powers amplified with Salesforce

The bi-directional Gainsight and Salesforce customer success integration centralizes your existing customer data to surface important insights and actions for your customers.

Transform Your Business

Improve how teams work in both of the platforms.

  • Use the bi-direction integration between Gainsight and Salesforce to sync critical customer data and take action using the powers of both platforms.
  • Give your teams in Salesforce access to critical customer information that will help them close deals.
  • Give your teams in Gainsight a deeper understanding of customers so they can help them lead them to success.
GS and Salesforce
GS and Salesforce

Aggregate Data

Never miss another key customer detail.

  • Unify the customer data from Salesforce with other sources—like support tickets and usage data—to create a centralized, 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Enhance your healthscores with the data from Salesforce to proactively address risks and supercharge your customer success strategies.
  • Capture nuances of customer health with this Salesforce integration across complex, multi-dimensional B2B relationships.

Enhance Adoption

Engage the right audiences at the right time.

  • Leverage customer data brought into Gainsight from the Salesforce integration to precisely trigger personalized outreach.
  • Monitor customer behaviors and adapt the customer journey in real-time.
  • Help customers achieve their desired outcomes and never miss an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell.
GS and Salesforce
GS and Salesforce

Collaborate Cross-functionally

Keep everyone aligned on what’s best for the customer.

  • Rally your entire company around your customers by collaborating with Sales, Finance, Support, or any other team.
  • Keep your cross-functional teams aligned with accessible customer data embedded into the Account and Opportunity form.
  • Drive consistent processes using playbooks and prescriptive calls-to-action.

Drive outcomes for your customers with Gainsight and Salesforce.

Gainsight helps Salesforce users drive engagement by keeping customer data in one place and helping customer-owners be more productive to take the repetition out of your tasks.

Companies such as Cisco, Imprivata, and Genesys have standardized on Gainsight to improve retention, gain customer visibility, and improve customer outcomes for year-over-year revenue growth.

Without an elite customer experience in place, your customers may renew, but they won’t expand. This ebook takes a deep dive into how you might solve for challenges around customer experience.



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