Capture the true sentiment of your customers and drive the greatest return on investment for your efforts

Meet this Partner

Satrix Solutions Delivers Customer Experience Programs to Improve Satisfaction, Retention, Expansion & Referrals.

Satrix Solutions is a consultancy dedicated to furnishing our clients with insights they rely on to improve their products and services, differentiate from the competition, and scale their business.

As experts in Voice of the Customer strategy, our consultants capture the true sentiment of your customers – pinpointing specific actions that will drive the greatest return on investment for your efforts. The insights we deliver enable your leadership team to focus on those activities and improvements most likely to engender satisfaction and loyalty. We enable you and your team to focus on the things customers care about most, instead of overloading the organization with too many initiatives.

Engagements are customized to the unique needs and goals of our clients and include: expertly designed customer experience programs that follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls, robust reporting and recommendations for continuous improvement, educational materials on the actions employees can take to strengthen relationships, and benchmarking and trend analysis to evaluate ongoing performance.

Companies that don’t possess a deep understanding of what drives value for their customers risk losing market share to those that successfully align their offering with the needs of the market. The programs we manage not only save revenue that would otherwise be lost, but help our clients capture new revenue, through upsell / cross-sell, referrals, and higher sales close rates.

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