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Implementation and onboarding options to support a wide range of budgets while delivering a straightforward, speedy, and hands-on experience
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Drive Success

Success and technical offerings that provide the partnership and support you need to get the most out of Gainsight
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Design Strategy

Advisory Consulting Services to take your Customer Success Strategy and Organization to the next level
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Implementation With Results

Leverage our Business Challenge Framework and Express Methodology to identify your company’s challenges and implement the Gainsight functionality that will directly solve them.

Business Challenge Framework

The Business Challenge Framework is a tool to identify your business’ impediments to delivering the success your customers need. The Gainsight Sales and Onboarding process will guide you through the identification of these challenges and prioritize the most critical. These challenges will then form the implementation and rollout plan for your instance of Gainsight.

Express Methodology

During Gainsight Implementation, the Express Methodology will be used to implement each Business Challenge. It will guide you through a thorough approach to take each challenge from concept to configuration to results.

Delivery for All Sizes

Using our guiding Framework and Methodology, we offer a wide range of implementation options. Options range from streamlined, standard onboarding for the agile organization to comprehensive, custom implementation projects for large-scale teams.

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Gainsight Admin 101 Training & Certification

As part of Gainsight Implementation, or anytime training is needed, Gainsight offers on-demand curriculum for Admin Training & Certification. This education program is designed to train a Gainsight administrator on everything they need to know to successfully administer Gainsight, paired with a certification course to verify knowledge.

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Drive Success

Success and Technical Support Plans

Our monthly plans are designed to offer the right level of personalized engagement, strategy and best practices, and technical Gainsight support you need to get the most out of your Gainsight investment.

Personalized Engagement:

A Gainsight Client Outcomes Manager who is responsible for managing the overall value you get from Gainsight, which includes ensuring that you and your team are utilizing the platform to solve your business challenges and proactively sharing best practices with you.

Example Activities:

  • Conducting Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) and Value read-outs to gauge Gainsight’s value delivery to your company and align on your goals with our product
  • Joint planning on your long-term Customer Success Objectives and Gainsight development
  • Comprehensive launch preparation to successfully roll out Gainsight, including instructions on end-user training, adoption and change management, and post-launch survey & survey analysis

Strategy & Best Practices:

Strategic guidance and best practice sharing derived from Gainsight’s Customer Success thought leadership

Example Activities:

  • Strategic Alignment session at contract signature, in which Gainsight aligns with you on overall strategy for using the platform and helps identify the business challenges Gainsight will address across our Business Challenge Framework.
  • Best Practices Sessions on topics ranging from Lifecycle Management to Customer Value Demonstration to provide actionable recommendations your business can take to improve

Technical Gainsight Assistance:

Technical expertise and assistance to configure, maintain, and expand your Gainsight Instance along with your business

Example Activities:

  • Options for named support representatives, accelerated SLAs, and extended coverage hours
  • Hours with a Customer Success Architect who can assist your Gainsight admin with refining existing setup and creating new configuration in Gainsight, post-on-boarding

Contact Sales to learn more about monthly Customer Success and Support Plans.

Technical Assistance from the Experts


Bolster your investment with Gainsight resources who provide best-in-class administration. Admin-on-Demand offers varying monthly packages of hours for the hands-on help you need.

Example Activities:

  • Setup, test, and modify Gainsight Home dashboards to make the perfect view for all your users
  • Setup, test, and modify Health Scorecard weighting, rules for calculation, and dashboards for monitoring your customer health
  • Setup, test, and modify your rules for data sync, CTA creation, or business process automation

Admin-on-Demand can help you:

Learn how Cloudera boosts their speed with Admin-on-Demand.

Instance Review

A comprehensive technical review of your Gainsight instance to identify areas for optimization or best practice and new-feature application

An experienced Gainsight Customer Success Architect (CSA) will guide you through the instance review process and deliver actionable recommendations.

Learn how Tealium onboarded a new Gainsight Admin with an in-depth Instance Review.

Design Strategy

Gainsight Strategic Advisory Services

Gainsight offers strategic consulting services derived from industry thought leadership and deep practical experience.

Whether you are new to Customer Success, refining your model, or innovating at the boundaries of the industry, a holistic focus on post-sales outcomes is foundational to your organization’s success. A calibrated Customer Success plan takes thoughtful preparation, flawless execution, and robust analysis.

Our Gainsight consultants bring the expertise you need for lasting impact to your organization

Learn more about GSAS and the success delivered for three enterprise companies.

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