CX Management Software That Keeps Your Team Aligned

Improve your customer experience by coordinating all the customer engagements happening across different channels and teams. Gainsight will help you make customer feedback more accessible so your teams can deliver outcomes cross-functionally.

25 pt

improvement in NPS


improvement in CSM efficiency


Aggregate your customer feedback and signals.

  • Access all of your customer experience data in one place to better understand broader feedback trends and priority areas
  • Stop missing the root cause of your customer experience trends and issues, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in CX Center, powered by IBM Watson
  • Proactively address risk with customer health Scorecards informed by your customer data


Improve customer experiences at scale.

  • Reach customers where they are at critical points in their journey using automated survey programs via email or in your application
  • Close the loop with automated Calls-to-Action triggered by survey responses so no churn risk or advocate opportunity goes unanswered
  • Get insight into customer experience trends across your entire customer base with robust survey and sentiment analytics in CX Center


End silos and gaps in your customer experience.

  • Make better, more informed decisions with all customer information in a single location
  • Provide visibility into recent activity with Timeline, a cross-functional record of activities like calls, emails, and meetings
  • Prescribe and standardize next steps and workflows with Playbooks

“The Gainsight features I’m most excited about are the Dashboards and Widgets. They really give the rest of the organization access to the data on every single customer.”

Tom Wix

Director of Customer Success Operations

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