B2B CX Professionals Need B2B CX Platforms

You just received a 10/10 NPS response from your customer. Life should be good.

But what happens when you dig in and find out that usage is down, support tickets are unresolved, and some of the issues are in fact product bugs.

Gainsight CX is the purpose built platform for B2B Companies, making sure you take the right action at the right time to improve the customer experience.


Listen to All of Your Customer Feedback

  • Launch multi-step, dynamic customer feedback journeys

  • Bring all of your structured and unstructured data into a single view, including surveys, meeting notes, online reviews, and more

  • Turn disparate data into actionable customer health scores


Take Impactful Cross-Functional Action

  • Identify root causes of problems and quickly solve them

  • Work together across functions and in collaboration with your customers

  • Combine digital and human engagement to automate and scale


Identify Trends and Improve Company-wide CX

  • Track the impact of your teams actions on NPS over time

  • Correlate how improvements in NPS affect churn and growth

  • Leverage text analytics to identify root cause issues from unstructured feedback