"We have centralized all of our data and insights about our customers in Gainsight. What that's allowed us to do is create visibility across the organization, across functions. It’s turned our executive discussion from tactical status updates into meaningful conversations regarding trends and the strategic direction that our customers are heading."

Mary Poppen, CCO, Glint


Align Around A Single, Complete View Of Your Customer

  • Easily get the big picture of your customers’ health and risks

  • Equip your organization with a full understanding of what’s happening at every account

  • Access relevant insight when and where you need it, including on mobile


Deliver Winning Customer Experiences And Outcomes At Scale

  • Empower your organization to make the most of every customer interaction, from in-product engagement to step-by-step renewal playbooks

  • Reduce costs and effort by allowing your team to automate proven customer engagement tactics

  • Create the closed-loop infrastructure to learn from and act on key customer experience signals


Find Trends And Growth Opportunities In Your Customer Base

  • Inform your strategy with forward-looking insight on renewals forecasts, churn, product adoption, and more

  • Show the impact your team is driving for customers, both day-to-day and at the boardroom level

  • Take the guesswork out of land-and-expand motions with a holistic, shared view of whitespace across your install base