Prevent Revenue Leakage by Getting Alerted to High Value Renewals At Risk

  • Quickly understand which renewals are non-events vs. those that need attention

  • Accurately forecast your renewals book of business using machine learning

  • Keep tabs on champions to stay ahead of the renewal


Drive a High Quality Renewals Process at Scale

  • Reduce cost-to-renew by automating the renewals process for low-risk customers

  • Standardize your team’s actions with situation-specific renewals playbooks

  • Ensure on-time renewals with pre-configured alerts and notifications


Track In-Quarter Progress and Dig Into Root Causes of Churn

  • View the most up-to-date in-quarter forecast metrics, including renewal dollars outstanding as well as actual churn, upsell, downsell, and closed revenue

  • Understand the composition of lost/gained revenue with interactive charts

  • Access customer insights such as health, engagement, sentiment, and more to provide valuable context on each renewal

  • Using Gainsight for revenue optimization has allowed us to both specialize and scale our team. We have built an automated renewal system that can and has frequently facilitated a zero touch renewal plus growth process

    Ben Michael Sr.Manager, Customer Success