10 Reasons To Be Thankful for Gainsight PX Image

10 Reasons To Be Thankful for Gainsight PX

We have almost made it through the challenging year of 2020. With Halloween behind us, it is time to celebrate arguably one of the best holidays—Thanksgiving. The season is upon us to reflect, share gratitude, and enjoy those moments with loved ones in simpler times.

Whether you can celebrate with family or sacrificed face-time to keep safe, we hope you take a moment of gratitude this holiday season. When we acquired Aptrinsic two years ago, we had the foresight to see how valuable product data would be to the Customer Success function. Today we are so thankful for our product, now known as Gainsight PX, as it has over-delivered for Product Managers in many verticals looking to gain more in-depth insight into their products and guide users through the best experience.

We want to take this opportunity to share 10 reasons we are grateful for Gainsight PX based on all the fantastic features and functionalities my clients use regularly. 

1. Engage users without being overwhelming

We all know the holiday season is overwhelming in a typical year–even more so in 2020. Providing contextual in-app help to your users gives them the information they need without becoming too much and adding to the noise. Don’t understand how valuable content is? We wrote a piece on that also to help improve your messaging strategy. 

2. Directly influence revenue by optimizing your trial experience

Now, when revenue is more critical than ever, you can optimize your product-qualified leads by driving the in-app trial experience. Our customer Kobiton was able to achieve 143% conversion from free trials to paid conversion. As you prepare your product-led growth strategy for the new year, learn how Gainsight PX can help you achieve your goals.

3. Use product experience as an opportunity to collaborate cross-functionally

Like many of you, I miss collaborating with my colleagues in person. We know by now that we’ll be in this more virtual world for the time being; collaborating virtually will be even more necessary as the months go on. With PX, product teams can collaborate with marketing, customer success, and others to drive customers’ unified experience.

4. Keep users delighted, even when out of the office

2020 has been a marathon of resilience, to say the least. Taking time off to recharge is arguably more important than ever. Using in-app experiences to scale up Product Manager touchpoints with users, you can give your PMs more opportunities to take time off. When they come back, they’ll return to users who’ve had an engaging experience right in the app.

5. Personalize the product experience during this virtual time

Something as simple as inserting a token to display the user’s first name can personalize the product experience. Your users likely know that’s automated, but it’s still a nice touch that makes it more personal than a broad, generic message.

6. Drive your product roadmap with more than intuition by using product analytics

You may hear lots of feedback from individual customers and base roadmap decisions on that. But what are your users actually doing? How do users
feel about the experience? Putting all these measures together in one holistic view can inform your product roadmap and help you make the right decisions.

7. Level up a feature release into an experience

How do your users learn about new features? By reading pages-long release notes? What if you could make the new feature discovery something they experienced within the app itself? By highlighting new features with in-app guidance built-in, you not only prevent the release from being disruptive, but you also make it into an exciting experience.

8. Make your product more fun

Products do things; products (should) drive value. But what about joy? Using in-app engagements can take your product from high caliber software to a delightful experience for users. Even something as simple as incorporating a funny image or GIF can bring a smile to your users.

Example of how we use child-like joy in our PX engagements

9. Get user feedback more contextually than ever before

As product people, have you ever tried to get feedback about a feature? You might get something vague like “too hard to use,” or they may be referring to another feature entirely. By driving in-app feedback surveys, you can ensure that insight is fresh in their minds when they deliver their feedback.  

10. Save your teams time with in-app user onboarding

Any onboarding team knows they end up addressing similar features and questions with new users. Same for customer success—a customer may already be onboarded, but when a new user starts with the product, they need to come up to speed too! An in-app onboarding program can ensure that your bases are covered for any new user who starts with your product for the first time. 

If you’re a Gainsight PX customer, I hope you’re also thankful for all of these capabilities. If not, reach out to your COM to see how you can maximize your Gainsight PX experience. Not a Gainsight PX customer? What are you waiting for?! Take a tour today to see what your product can accomplish with Gainsight PX.