3 Reasons a Customer-Centric Tech Ecosystem isn’t Complete without Community Image

3 Reasons a Customer-Centric Tech Ecosystem isn’t Complete without Community

Can you believe it’s been two weeks since Pulse Everywhere happened? 

Last year at my first Pulse, I was blown away by the passion of the 5,500 customer success and product professionals who descended on Moscone for the in-person event. It seems ironic now that I’d wondered if there were no barriers to attend (time, travel, budget), how many people carry the same level of passion and want to be a part of this incredible community?

Sometimes a hypothetical is just a hypothetical. But in this case, we got an answer in 27 sessions, 44 networking groups, 4 keynotes, 22,000 registrations, and thousands of more streams that will happen after the fact. While the circumstances were unprecedented, the way you came together was and is extraordinary.

This level of engagement also puts one of the innovations announced in our Pulse Product Keynote into focus in a whole new way: Sightline Vault, part of Gainsight’s unique approach to an ecosystem, harnesses this one-of-a-kind community. Think, a robust integrated partner ecosystem plus an open-source exchange for your best practices—like a GitHub for customer success. 

And the more I learn about the cross-functional, totally customer-obsessed individuals in our orbit, the more I realize: any ecosystem for Gainsight has to be built around you, our Customer GameChanger community. Here are three reasons why: 

1. You Need to See Value, Fast

Long before we found ourselves in a pandemic, your customer was already in the driver’s seat. A lot of work has gone into laying a foundation for customer success and product experience best practices to correspond to this new reality. You’ve built customer journeys, playbooks, templates, reports, and dashboards to scale those best practices within Gainsight. And as part of the Gainsight community, you’ve exchanged your best concepts and tactics at Pulse and in countless other forums. Harnessing this collective power and knowledge as a Community helps you move faster.

Now imagine being able to find and deploy those best practices in a click. Amazingly helpful pre-COVID, but vital now that our teams are nurturing customers more than ever, and often making do with fewer resources and in isolation from their teams. Sightline accelerates the value of community in a tangible way, revolutionizing the time it takes to put best practice into play. You can immediately leverage what peers and others in your space have built to solve challenges like yours in a few clicks. One example I love is Gainsight’s COVID-19 risk assessment and portfolio view – ready to help you understand account risk based on our own best practice.

2. You’re Changing the Game, Again and Again

Customer success is a rapidly growing profession. Our community has always been about evolution: simplifying the team’s day-to-day and facilitating more relevant engagement, all in direct response to customers’ needs. Any ecosystem in this space has to be as dynamic, inventive, and diverse as the people who use it and the customers they serve.

This is more important than ever in the current environment. We’re all pivoting, churn risk is heightened, and our organizations are searching for a new normal. In moments like this, a community builds on foundational best practices by supporting one another with new ideas and tools to scale the wins. The best way forward in a challenging time isn’t always reinventing the wheel yourself, it’s learning from the success of others. Sightline has the potential to empower you to do that more effectively than ever.

3. You’re Human-first and Ready to Help

Returning to my opening remark, the customer success and product community around Gainsight is amazing and amazingly supportive. I’ve seen that at Pulse, but I’ve also seen it as we turned to you and our community to find the inaugural playbooks, reports, and templates to launch Sightline. The solutions we’ve published put the power of Pulse right into a Gainsight admin’s hands — Rapid7’s CSM performance dashboard, Mapbox’s EBR playbook, and Flatiron’s sponsor check-in process just to name a few Pulse presenters who contributed to our launch. The admins behind these solutions are true GameChangers, eager to share their tried and tested best practices with other Gainsight users. We’re so happy to give them another forum to do so, year-round!

Which brings me back to you. Let’s keep building this together. If you have a solution that has changed the game for your team and organization and want to be published in Sightline, reach out to us. This ecosystem is for you, about you, and fueled by your best practices. Stand out with Sightline as an innovator – authoring and sharing your solutions with thousands of members of the Gainsight GameChanger community.