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5 Secrets From Successful CCOs

As we all continue to navigate a sometimes chaotic economy, it’s never been more obvious that customer success (CS) is the key to keeping your company’s ship on the right course and boosting Net Revenue Retention (NRR)

But to make the most of your CS org, you have to know what strategies are going to get you the scale and success you’re looking for. 

To dig deep on exactly what to do to build durable growth through CS, Gainsight CCO Kellie Capote sat down with CCO rock stars from VMware to DocuSign. Here are the top 5 secrets to success.

1. How building a strong partner ecosystem reduces CSM workload and customer churn

with Meenu Agarwal, SVP of Customer Success at VMware

When we talk with businesses about customer success, probably 90% of the conversations are around this core question: How do I scale my CS? For Agarwal, it’s all about recognizing that customers are the growth engine of your business. In order to scale, you need to make sure you get the customer experience dialed in, so your customers will stay with you and expand. 

2. How to embrace—and implement—a non-negotiable, customer-first mentality

with Jeff Heckler, Director of Customer Success Solutions, MarketSource Inc.

When your company is growing, it can be hard to know how to make the right decisions, to maximize outcomes and returns. Jeff shares his unshakable belief that customer service is a force multiplier for your business, and he’s got great advice for companies big and small about how to scale strategically and successfully.

3. How to get bigger success by focusing on the “why” of CS, not just the tactics

with Kevin Meeks, VP of Customer Success, DocuSign

In the world of customer success, probably one of the hottest topics in SaaS and beyond is how to uplevel customer conversations. Meeks shares his top secrets to get the most out of your CS strategy, including the importance of starting to think of avoiding churn on day zero with your customer.

4. How to get your CS and Product teams working in perfect harmony

with Chuck Girard, Director of Product Operations, Gainsight and Courtney Houser, Director of Customer Success Strategy, Gainsight

As your company matures, a collaborative relationship between your Customer Success (CS) and Product teams becomes critical to get the flywheel of growth to kick in. Girard and House share their strategies for getting both teams to realize each other’s value in helping your customers—and your company—grow

5. How you can take control of your success by putting a laser focus on metrics

with Penny Ashley-Lawrence, SVP of Customer Success, Workiva

Today’s digital data and metrics tools are so powerful and accessible, it’s essential to use them to give yourself a competitive advantage. Ashley-Lawrence shares real-world advice on how your company can double down on CS metrics to not only prove your team’s worth, but also help your entire business scale.

Ready to uplevel your CS org?

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