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All Your Aptrinsic Questions Answered

We know you have questions about Gainsight’s acquisition of Aptrinsic. We tried to answer all the questions we anticipate will be common, but we’d love to field any specific inquiries you might have. If you don’t know who to contact, just email us at

First, why not take a look at this video—you can hear from both companies’ leadership in their own words why they made this decision and what it could mean for you.

Strategy and Business Decision  

1. What does Aptrinsic Software do?

Aptrinsic is a product-led growth solution that delivers powerful analytics and in-product engagements used to increase adoption, retention, and expansion in B2B companies. The software enables digital products to increase trial conversions and accelerate return on product investments to help drive customer retention. With Aptrinsic, companies can implement effective product-led go-to-market strategies that increase product adoption and customer lifetime value. Aptrinsic provides product managers and marketers with tools to make informed decisions on what to build next, collect relevant feedback from the right customers, and guide prospects and customers to “a-ha!” moments.

2. Why did Gainsight acquire Aptrinsic?

Customer Success leaders want better visibility into product adoption to influence the product roadmap and scale and automate CS within the product. At the same time, Product teams want to ensure the features they develop are actually being used, that they’re gathering enough data to prioritize the roadmap, and that they’re making an impact on the company. As a result, Customer Success and Product leaders are tasked with bridging the gap between the teams so they can work together more effectively and create customer-centric solutions. That’s why Gainsight acquired Aptrinsic, in a nutshell.

The acquisition makes Gainsight the only company to help subscription businesses maximize retention through Customer Success and Product Management. It also strengthens Gainsight’s market-leading position in Customer Success and expands the company’s total addressable market by selling to Product Management teams.

3. What value does the combination of Gainsight and Aptrinsic bring to customers?

In order to enable Customer Success and Product teams to work more closely together, as well as rally the rest of the company around the mission of driving Customer Success, we need a new type of solution. With the addition of Aptrinsic, Gainsight expands our set of capabilities to help companies retain and grow their customers. These new capabilities include:

  • Product Analytics: Companies can now analyze feature usage trends from every angle and discover which features drive retention and growth using cohort retention, funnels, feature performance, and journey analysis.
  • Personalized Engagements: Companies can now translate product insight into action with personalized in-app engagements to give users valuable—even revelatory—insights into their product.
  • Feedback: Companies can now present surveys to users directly within the product to understand what they value and what they don’t; what experiences are positive and which could be better.

4. I am not a customer of Gainsight or Aptrinsic, where do I go to learn more about these solutions?

Interested in Gainsight? Click here! Want to test-drive Aptrinsic? Click here to start a free trial.

Transaction and Financial Information

1. When did the acquisition close?

The transaction closed on Oct. 19, 2018.  

2. What were the terms of the acquisition?

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Product Strategy

1. How will Aptrinsic be integrated into Gainsight? If so, how quickly?

Gainsight is prioritizing the integration of Aptrinsic to be able to easily implement it inside of the Gainsight platform. Through the end of Q4 FY19, Gainsight and Aptrinsic will operate autonomously. During the integration planning process, our teams developed preliminary plans for priority product integrations that will further enhance our customer offerings. Specific details of the planned product integrations will be announced in the coming months. It’s going to take some time to work through the logistics, but the goal is to complete this process in the first half of 2019. Customers should experience minimal disruption as this transition occurs. We are committed to supporting Aptrinsic products and customers.

2. What if I prefer another solution to integrate with Gainsight that has similar capabilities as Aptrinsic?

Gainsight is committed to building an open platform to deliver Customer Success at scale. A key component of this strategy is a rich partner ecosystem that enables our customers to build the service and technology stack of their choice. Gainsight will continue to integrate with Pendo, WalkMe, and UserIQ and offer deeper integrations for customers who depend on those platforms.

3. Are there plans to discontinue any Aptrinsic products?

Nope! We have no plans to discontinue any Aptrinsic products.

Gainsight Customers and Partners

1. What will happen to my existing technology stack?

If you already integrated with a solution that offers similar capabilities, you can continue to do so. Our rich partner ecosystem is so important to us, and we’re 100% committed to providing an open platform for customers to build the technology stack of their choice.

Many of Gainsight’s customers today use a number of solutions for analytics and engagement in their products, including Google Analytics, Segment, MixPanel, WalkMe, Pendo, and UserIQ. As stated above, we plan to continue developing our partner ecosystem and give the Customer Success community the option to choose solutions that work best for their needs.

2. I’m a Gainsight partner. What does this mean for me?

This acquisition will create more opportunities for our joint customers to retain and grow their customers. In addition to helping them better align with their Product teams, Aptrinsic’s technological capabilities offer more in-depth user insights and enable personalized customer engagements—all within the app.

Additionally, the acquisition will both strengthen Gainsight’s position as the market leader in Customer Success and expand the company’s total addressable market by activating Product teams as levers for growth in subscription businesses. As more markets enter the Gainsight community, you will have the opportunity to share your solutions to new audiences and achieve your company goals through our continued partnership.

3. Is Aptrinsic free for Gainsight customers or partners?

No. Aptrinsic is sold as a standalone product, and Gainsight will be building tight integrations with its platform in the coming months. However, Aptrinsic offers a free trial, which you can find here.

Aptrinsic Customers

1. I’m an Aptrinsic customer. Will there be any changes to my current account?

Gainsight intends to honor the terms and conditions of existing Aptrinsic contracts for all existing customers. Technical support will continue to be governed by the terms of the Aptrinsic service agreements until the current support term expires. Additional information on any changes to support contracts as a result of Gainsight’s business policies will be communicated promptly to all customers.

If you’d like to learn more about Gainsight, click here. Or you can reach out to your Aptrinsic Account Manager to learn how you can integrate Aptrinsic into Gainsight.

2. Who should Aptrinsic customers contact for product support? 

Customers should continue to work with their existing Aptrinsic account contacts. In the coming months, as contact and process changes are implemented, we’ll let you know immediately and transparently—we’re completely committed to a smooth transition for Aptrinsic customers.