Approaching the Customer Success “Tipping Point” Image

Approaching the Customer Success “Tipping Point”

Today is a special day for the Customer Success industry.  We announced that Gainsight has been named by Gartner a 2014 Cool Vendor for CRM Sales.  This recognition is more than validation of our efforts as a vendor in this space; Gartner’s decision represents broader validation from the industry’s leading analyst firm that a sharp focus on customer success is critical to vendor success in this new Subscription Economy.

Recognition in the “CRM Sales” category also brings to light a new perspective — Customer Success as a revenue generator.  The days of being viewed as firefighters are behind us as the Customer Success function is driving top-line retention revenue from renewals, up-sell and cross-sell. We are quickly approaching the “Tipping Point” as an industry, where the idea of driving customer value by leveraging data science and automation spreads across recurring revenue businesses around the globe.  Our mission at Gainsight has been to provide leading enterprises with a winning combination of enabling technology and industry-leading best practices to change their approach to building intimacy with their customers and, in turn, optimize the lifetime value of those relationships. Here’s what Gartner had to say about our progress towards that mission:

  • Gainsight is cool not because its customer intelligence and retention process automation technology is unique, but because of its application of that technology increases customer retention rates and grow customer lifetime value.
  • Do not assume standard SFA systems will support your requirements if you are in a recurring revenue business; consider alternative vendors who specialize in supporting this model.
  • Customer success managers, customer advocates, customer retention and loyalty specialists in subscription businesses, particularly SaaS software vendors and media subscription businesses, should evaluate Gainsight as a technology alongside more traditional SFA and customer service applications.

We are excited to share in this wonderful milestone with all of our customers, partners and everyone else who is working as a Customer Success Manager on the front-lines or leading a team of passionate CSMs.  We hope that you’ll join us at our Pulse Conference in San Francisco where we will continue on our quest towards that Customer Success “Tipping Point”.  Malcolm Gladwell will be there, as will over 100 leading experts on the market and over 600+ of your colleagues and peers. Thank you to Gartner for this special recognition.  This is only the beginning.


Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight