Digital Hub: The Foundation of Community and Digital CS Image

Digital Hub: The Foundation of Community and Digital CS

Unless you’ve been living underground clinging to a low-fi lifestyle, then you’ve likely heard of the AI-powered revolution taking the world of Customer Success and Community by storm: Digital Customer Success, or DCS for short.

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DCS is a strategy to efficiently drive customer adoption, retention, and growth by providing a personalized user experience via omnichannel engagement.

In other words, DCS enables you to meet your customers where they are, at all times, and provide the guidance they need when they need it—without burning out your CS team. Organizations can leverage in-app guides, facilitate peer-to-peer conversations, host one-to-many events online, reduce Support tickets, and more through DCS. And what’s great about these powerful solutions is that it’s easy to get started wherever you are in your digital transformation, by creating a seamless blend of digital and human-led interactions, which reflects the modern customer experience.

So what’s the foundation of this strategy? Creating a single destination for your customers to connect, share best practices, provide feedback, and build a stronger relationship with your product.

That’s why we’ve introduced our third product line, Digital Hub.

Digital Hub Is Everything You Love About inSided and More

In early 2022, Gainsight acquired inSided, a leading customer Community platform that’s uniquely designed to leverage the power of Community to drive product engagement and adoption, increase retention, and build lasting customer relationships. Hundreds of companies leverage the platform, including, LinkedIn, HiBob, Debricked, Yotpo, Personio, and Zapier.

The acquisition expanded Gainsight’s existing portfolio of products to create a market-leading Digital Customer Success solution—and we’re just getting started.

Digital Hub has all the capabilities of inSided. In addition, Digital Hub allows us to build future features that leverage the power of self-service content, Community, and more to drive value throughout the digital customer journey.

Streamline Self-Service With Digital Hub

When you think about it, your users already navigate a mix of human interactions and digital environments throughout their customer journey. Digital Customer Success is about creating a seamless experience for your customers across all channels that is efficient and effective in driving value for your customers and your company. It’s a strategy that turns CS from a cost center into a revenue driver by leveraging the right technology, including your product, to act as a frontline Customer Success Manager (CSM).

It’s clear that customers want to self-serve. They want to be empowered to solve their own problems and reference help content on demand. According to a recent Salesforce study, self-service is increasingly popular. 65% of respondents have used self-service portals, and 57% prefer to engage through digital channels.

But, as Joris Dieben, SVP and GM of Digital Hub at Gainsight, remarked in the 2023 Pulse Product Keynote, “As products become more complex, it becomes harder to do self-service content—it becomes harder for customers to find the right answers and the right information. When customers go to your website, is it really easy to find those answers?”

If your answer is no, then you’re not alone. Between webinars, self-service destinations, communities, and other disparate solutions, efficiency breaks down. According to Rocketlane, 60% of companies use 4–6 tools for customer onboarding alone.

Digital Hub solves for this disjointed customer experience by providing a centralized destination for all of your how-to content. With Digital Hub, the possibilities are truly endless.

Community Managers Just Got Superpowers

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Digital Hub builds from the foundation of great Community Management, while extending the power of Community into the product to help guide users to their desired outcomes. The solution is designed to drive self-service Digital Customer Success through a centralized Community, knowledge center, and one-to-many engagements.

With Digital Hub, Community Managers have the power to:

  • Create a better customer experience through engagement
  • Increase customer self-service and peer-to-peer support
  • Streamline the customer feedback process
  • Improve onboarding and facilitate continuous education

By housing all of your customer-facing content in Digital Hub and prompting peer-to-peer conversations around the product, Community Managers can elevate the user experience and engineer value in so many ways.

Introducing Community Metrics!

Speaking of driving customer value, we have an exciting new feature to announce.

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We’re introducing a new way to bring the power of Community to your Customer Success team with the new Gainsight CS and Digital Hub connector, powered by Community Metrics.

By connecting Digital Hub and Gainsight CS with Community Metrics, our latest improvement to the platform, you’ll get powerful views into user sentiment and answer the question everyone is dying to know: How do users talk about your product when you’re not there?

This feature gives Community Managers the power to surface the most valuable data from the community directly to the C360 dashboard. That enables the whole team to:

  • Enrich profiles in C360 with community data
  • Create actionable insights based on user sentiment, directly from the Community
  • Find super users and help them support other customers
  • Notify CSMs of pending requests and ideas from key stakeholders

Combining Community data with your Customer Success Management platform creates a competitive advantage. Teams can centralize customer experience insights from Digital Hub as they scale Digital Customer Success strategies.

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