Gainsight Announces Digital Hub, Generative AI Capabilities, and a New Digital CS Package at Pulse 2023 Image

Gainsight Announces Digital Hub, Generative AI Capabilities, and a New Digital CS Package at Pulse 2023

On day 2 of Pulse 2023, we’re FIRED UP about exciting news from some of the most innovative Gainsight teammates. 

And no, we aren’t talking about our esteemed canine guests from Fosters & Paws. We’re talking about our Product team. 

Karl Rumelhart, President of Products, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight

Karl Rumelhart, President of Products, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight, kicked off the Product Keynote to explain how Gainsight’s three product lines come together to power Digital Customer Success. The team made some showstopping announcements, from an amped-up AI engine under the hood of the Gainsight platform to personalized, effective ways to engage customers and drive value throughout the digital customer journey. 

“The history of Customer Success and the history of Gainsight are fundamentally intertwined. As a technologist, I’m excited about AI and this moment in history. But as an Executive at Gainsight what really excites me is the knowledge and the certainty I have that this will make a difference for you. We’re in a place to make you the star of the show,” Rumelhart said. 

According to Rumelhart, “Horizon AI has been a part of Gainsight’s technology for some time, but generative AI is the next frontier. At Gainsight, we’re all in on generative AI.” 

Generative AI: The Next Frontier

Generative AI is fast becoming one of the most powerful technologies due to its ability to simplify the synthesis of large amounts of data into consumable formats, create narratives, and contextualize information. Meanwhile, Customer Success teams are increasingly seeking out digital tools that drive efficiency and effectiveness within their resource-constrained organizations. 

Maksim Ovsyannikov, Gainsight’s ever-fashionable EVP of Products and Design, unveiled the expanded capabilities of Horizon AI, including generative AI features that drive end-to-end value throughout the entire digital customer journey.

Maksim Ovsyannikov, EVP of Products and Design, Gainsight

“The simplest way to think about it is your customer journey or the majority of it is digital,” Ovsyannikov said, “and the digital journey is beautiful.” 

From onboarding to adoption, value realization, and renewal, your customers already navigate a mix of digital experiences and human interactions. The question now becomes, how can we make this journey seamless, efficient, effective, and personalized to every user, without increasing manual tasks for Customer Success Managers (CSMs)?

Ovsyannikov continues, “Every time we introduce a new, incredible technology, we wonder, is it going to replace the human in the loop? What’s really important to realize is that digital is not instead of you. Digital is in addition to you. And then the question becomes, what is it to you? It’s your new superpower.” 

Digital Hub: Your New Superpower

According to a recent Salesforce study, self-service is increasingly popular. 65% of respondents have used self-service portals, and 57% prefer to engage through digital channels. Providing self-service content that users can seek out and access on demand, when they need it most, has become table stakes. 

But, as Joris Dieben, SVP and GM of Digital Hub at Gainsight, remarked in today’s keynote, “As products become more complex, it becomes harder to do self-service content—it becomes harder for customers to find the right answers and the right information. When customers go to your website, is it really easy to find those answers?”

If your answer is no, then you’re not alone. Caitlin Quinlan, SVP and GM of PX at Gainsight, said in today’s keynote, “The good news is you’re probably already doing some aspect of digital today.” But between webinars, self-service destinations, user Communities, and other disparate solutions, efficiency breaks down. According to Rocketlane, 60% of companies use 4–6 tools for customer onboarding alone.  

That’s why we’re announcing our third product line, Digital Hub

Digital Hub is a new product line by Gainsight, designed to drive self-service Digital Customer Success through a centralized community, knowledge center, and one-to-many engagements. The packages within this product line are also designed to work seamlessly with Gainsight’s existing products (Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX). 

Digital Customer Success Package

We also introduced the Digital Customer Success Package, a new offering designed to combine journey orchestration, in-app engagement, and Community capabilities. 

This is the only offering in the market that helps businesses digitally connect their teams, their products, and their communities to drive one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many programs in a scalable, effective, and personalized way. 

These new offerings are the first of their kind, and poised to revolutionize the next era of our industry: Digital Customer Success. 

As Quinlan said, “Some people still think of digital as a tech-touch or longtail strategy, but that’s the old way of thinking. Everyone needs a digital approach to every segment. It’s about displacing those low-value manual activities to focus on what’s most impactful.”

Jake Ellis, Principal Product Evangelist at Gainsight, added “Digital isn’t just a segment; it’s a strategy for differentiation.” 

It’s clear that Digital Customer Success, powered by generative AI, is the next evolution of CS. 

Horizon AI Evolves With Generative AI Capabilities

Jake Ellis, Principal Product Evangelist at Gainsight (left) and Maksim Ovsyannikov, EVP of Products and Design at Gainsight (right)

Gainsight has already been leading the way in AI for Customer Success teams since launching Horizon AI, our artificial intelligence framework, in November 2021 with features designed to support CSMs with analytical capabilities, including insights to forecast renewals, understand customer sentiment, and improve retention and expansion conversations. The latest release expands the focus of Horizon to encompass generative capabilities, including the following.

Customer Cheat Sheet

This feature generates a narrative customer summary that includes key customer metrics, strategic priorities, a prioritized list of product requests, recent escalations, open tickets, executive changes, and more. This saves teams hours of time that is often spent on creating these narrative summaries for key stakeholders or executives. 

Survey Takeaways

This feature generates a list of the key themes running through survey responses by analyzing large amounts of survey data. This saves teams large amounts of time that is often spent trying to manually analyze survey data to narrow down a few key thematic areas to focus on.

Smart Search

This feature uses natural language queries to find the right information and suggest the right action, saving Customer Success teams time and effort to search for words, phrases, or data. 

Setup Assist

This feature empowers Gainsight users to build onboarding plans, success plans, customer goals, email engagements, reports, and dashboards, as well as various other customer journey components via interactive chat. 

“Generative AI is incredibly powerful and a transformational business tool,” said Rumelhart. “Horizon AI’s generative capabilities can now help Customer Success teams take action on the insights buried within data and work more efficiently at scale. This represents a huge step forward in the power of the platform and will help our customers meet current market needs by giving them the ability to do more with less.”

Gainsight customers who are interested in learning more about our generative AI features and roadmap can register to be a part of our beta program here. 

Gainsight Elevates Engagement Data to an Unprecedented Level   

Gainsight’s Product leaders also announced new capabilities that arm CSMs with unparalleled insights into user engagements. 

Preview Engagements 

This feature provides a simpler and easier experience to preview and edit digital in-app engagements in any Journey Orchestrator program. Preview Engagements creates a smoother workflow that saves CS teams time, while also delivering a more compelling program throughout their customer’s lifecycle. Users will be able to see and interact with the full list of engagements that are part of the specific Journey Orchestrator program with a full-screen experience. The thumbnail previews have micro interaction to show all the steps and details of that engagement.

To make things even more seamless, users will also be able to open the engagement editor experience with a single click.

Engagement Goals 

Engagement goals is simple, yet vital. The feature allows users to define, set, and measure engagement goals. This means goals will be more comprehensive and success can be measured by the completion of that specific goal, such as increasing product adoption of a specific feature.

Both of these features are critical to executing Digital Customer Success, giving CSMs the visibility into user behavior that they need to drive customer outcomes. 

Digital CS Drives End-to-End Value Realization 

Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, reflected in today’s Product Keynote, “The way I like to think about the customer journey is that it’s actually a value journey. Modern tech allows us to do it at scale in a more personalized, effective way. The key is it has to be continuous and it has to be relevant to the user.” 

Kellie Capote, CCO, Gainsight (left) and Manu Mittal, Senior Direct of Product, Gainsight (right)

Capote continued, “How do we measure this? Ultimately, we want to retain our customers, but the true litmus test is actually customer growth or expansion. The way we do that is to guide customers to outcomes. For that, we need a real-time scorecard. Digital CS is all about nurturing customers and users to do those desired behaviors that unlock that next use case of value. Are they in your Community or customer portal? Are they actually using that feature that you just introduced them to? These are the real-time indicators.”

With Gainsight’s new capabilities, like Person 360, CS teams have more visibility than ever before into those real-time indicators. This is a game-changer for driving end-to-end value realization in today’s digital customer journey. 

Manu Mittal, Senior Direct of Product at Gainsight, concurred, saying, “Value realization should be continuous.” 

Digital Customer Succes Is the Future 

“Digital Customer Success is on every Customer Success leader’s mind in the current economy,” says Rumelhart. “Their teams are expected to work more efficiently, while elevating the customer experience to capture more expansion and retention revenue with fewer resources. And Gainsight is here to help.”

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