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New AI-Powered Capabilities to Shift Your Product-Led Growth Strategies Into Overdrive

It’s that time of year again. Yes, we’re quickly approaching the holiday season (although anyone who has walked through the aisles of Target may think that it’s already here – I disagree). But, more urgently, it’s the week of Pulse for Product, Gainsight’s annual conference for product leaders, teams, and product-centric businesses. 

The theme of our event this year is The Road to Product-Led Growth. While most of the time, a theme can just be an excuse for fun imagery, design, or storytelling. For us, especially this year, the theme extends far beyond our single event.

The more we thought about how the experience of driving and your customers’ journey with your business and product, the more we realized just how similar the two are. Each time you sit behind the wheel, your single goal is to arrive at your destination. Similarly, each time your customers use your product, they have a specific goal in mind. 

As companies focus more and more on leveraging their product to drive growth, they cannot forget how intertwined their product is with this goal and their customers’ overall journey. At the end of the day, your customers’ experience in your product will determine whether they realize value and continue to buy more from you, or whether they end up churning to your competitor. 

Technology Driving Digital-Led Customer Journeys

In recent years, technology has continued to optimize our driving experience – from smarter navigation systems to eco-friendly electric options and self-driving vehicles. In the same way, we have the power to optimize our customers’ journeys with technology. And so, at Gainsight, we started thinking: “How can our platform enable our customers to truly optimize the product experience and entire journey for their customers?

In today’s Product Keynote, Gainsight product leaders unveiled our response: a host of new and improved capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The announcement centered around Horizon AI, the Artificial Intelligence built into the Gainsight platform which enables companies to optimize every part of their customer journey and power unparalleled growth. Horizon AI will help Gainsight customers shift their product-led growth strategy into overdrive by: 

  • Leveraging the rich customer data within Gainsight’s platform to surface more meaningful insights and help you more deeply understand your customers 
  • Driving the right actions to deliver the tangible business outcomes that customers desire, based on these actionable, intelligent insights
  • Continuously learning and optimizing so that you can deliver value across the entire customer journey

In addition to introducing our AI capabilities, the keynote also showcases several new capabilities across the Gainsight product suite that are powered by Horizon AI. These tools will help companies optimize the customer journey across every stage, from an initial trial experience with your product, to purchase, adoption, and ultimately, expansion. Here’s how.

With that knowledge, companies seeking to accelerate their growth have all eyes on product.  But as Product teams know, it takes more than amazing features to retain and grow your customer base. You need to deliver exceptional experiences – both in your product and out – and also ensure that your customers recognize the value. The task for your organization becomes identifying the best strategy to accomplish this, and how to do that at scale.

Conversion Optimizer

The key to a successful product-led growth strategy is converting your free or trial users into paid customers. In order to do this, you need to first understand the behaviors within your product that result in conversion. From there, you can create a journey for these users which is optimized for conversion. Gainsight’s Conversion Optimizer taps into the power of AI to help you identify and deliver the right experiences within your product so that you can more easily and efficiently guide your users to convert into paying customers. 

Product-Qualified Leads

Once your users have gone through the journey that you’ve optimized for them and are ready to convert, Gainsight can automatically create leads and send them to your Sales team to close. With our Product-Qualified Leads (PQL) capability, we’re giving you everything needed to leverage your product as a growth lever. With the power of AI, Gainsight analyzes your users behavior to understand when they may be ready to buy and automatically sends the lead to your sales team to kick off the sales process. Talk about efficiency!

Adoption Optimizer

Now that you’ve secured your paying customers, the work is done – right? No. As any CS team knows, this is just the beginning. If you want to keep and eventually expand your customers, they’ve got to realize value from your product. This is pretty hard to do if they aren’t adopting your product. That’s where Gainsight’s Adoption Optimizer can help. Built to help teams drive adoption, Adoption Optimizer allows you to test actions within your product and uncover the most effective drivers of adoption and retention. With these insights, you can optimize your customer journey to guide users to adoption. 

Customer Success-Qualified Leads

And naturally, once customers start adopting your product and seeing value in it, it’s only logical that they want to expand. In fact, the success they experience with your product is a pretty strong indicator for potential to expand. Gainsight now captures these potential opportunities as Customer Success-Qualified Leads and surfaces them to the sales team. Just like that, the customer journey is coming full circle – all powered by Horizon AI.

Impact Analyzer

More and more we’re hearing that teams need a better way to demonstrate the impact of their CS strategy on the goals of the business. Enter Impact Analyzer. Once you’ve converted your leads from 

This new feature will make it simple to understand the impact of key CS activities on metrics such as NPS and NRR to not only help you demonstrate your impact on the business but also to help you continuously improve your strategy and focus on the activities that matter most. 

In addition to these new capabilities, there are several areas of Gainsight’s platform that are powered by Horizon AI today, including: 

  • Sally the AI bot, who enables teams to access rich Gainsight data via simple conversational commands and gets smarter with every interaction
  • Intelligent forecasting and renewal likelihood scoring in Gainsight’s Renewal Center that helps team more accurately predict and manage renewals within their book of business
  • Sentiment analysis capabilities that analyze rich customer interaction data to pull out actionable insights in Customer Experience Center and helps teams deliver better experiences

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