Extend Gainsight to perfectly fit your business.

We’ve got integrations, pre-built connectors, and technology partners to instantly tailor Gainsight to best serve your Customer Success goals.

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CRM Integration

Gainsight integrates with any CRM—including multiple CRMs running in parallel. That includes support for these industry-leading CRMs, just to name a few. Getting started is fast and easy with a basic load of Customers and Contacts, or set up a powerful bidirectional integration to keep your systems in sync.

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Salesforce and Gainsight have a deep 2 way technology partnership that allows companies to harness all of their existing data and leverage Gainsight seamlessly. Gainsight is also consistently ranked in the top 30 Salesforce ISV partners in the AppExchange.

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Oracle CRM



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Microsoft Dynamics

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Productized Connectors

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Salesforce and Gainsight have a deep 2 way technology partnership that allows companies to harness all of their existing data and leverage Gainsight seamlessly. Gainsight is also consistently ranked in the top 30 Salesforce ISV partners in the AppExchange.

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Gainsight’s S3 integration provides an easy, quick and sustainable method to get data into and out of Gainsight. Gainsight provides the S3 bucket along with a robust set of in-product data management tools and extensive documentation to ensure you can update and modify your data connections as you need it.

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Seamlessly integrate the data you collect via Segment into Gainsight’s data repository.

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Seamlessly integrate the data you collect via MixPanel into Gainsight’s data repository.

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Google Analytics

Seamlessly integrate the data you collect via Google Analytics into Gainsight’s data repository.

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Our two-way integration provides the information and collaboration tools to both Support and Customer Success teams so they can deliver the best customer experience possible. With the integration your teams can:

  • Deliver superior Support in context through a Gainsight widget in Zendesk
  • Get the full picture of Customer Success with Zendesk data in the Gainsight platform
  • Coordinate across Customer Success and Support Teams by creating and linking CTAs to Zendesk tickets from either App
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Trigger targeted Marketo campaigns from Gainsight based on your post-sale data. Craft campaigns with content that’s of value to specific users and champions of your product based on:

  • Products or features a user or customer owns
  • Usage of your product (or lack thereof)
  • Role in relation to your product and users - send different content to Power Users vs. Adoption Champions
  • Recent milestones they have achieved with your company - like completion of Onboarding
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Sally, an AI bot powered by Gainsight, makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation in Slack. She enables your company to better collaborate through real-time customer insights within their favorite Slack channels.

Your team can:

  • Talk with Sally just like talking with a real person; her machine-learning technology enables her to recognize a wide-range of words and questions and helps her get smarter with each interaction.
  • Quickly gain insight into your customers by asking diverse questions about your portfolio; ask for a summary of any customer including health score details, NPS survey responses and key sponsors.
  • Facilitate collaboration across all teams with easily accessible customer information and engage each team members to rally around the customer’s goals.
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Technology Integrations

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Gainsight PX

Gainsight PX is the first choice for businesses that want to grow through their product. Gainsight PX helps your team deliver superior product experiences while Gainsight’s customer success platform ensures customers are receiving business value. They’re powerful alone, but even better together. Leverage the product usage data gathered by Gainsight PX to:

  • Add depth and breadth to health scores and CTAs
  • Drive adoption using targeted in-app announcements, guides, and hotspots based on product usage and customer health
  • Receive real-time NPS scores with in-app surveys
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Leverage Azuqua’s enterprise-grade systems connector to quickly create and maintain data flows between all your systems and Gainsight - all without coding or custom API work.

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Our two-way integration provides the information and collaboration tools to both Services and Customer Success teams so they can maintain coordination and transparency throughout Services engagements. With the integration your teams can:

  • View Gainsight Data in Clarizen with a Gainsight Widget in the Project View and synced Gainsight data in Reports
  • Incorporate Clarizen data into Gainsight’s C360, CoPilot, Reports, CTAs and Scorecards
  • Coordinate proactively and cross-functionally on Project Risks with CTAs
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Customer advocates can help your business grow, and the Gainsight and Influitive integration offers a path to increase their value. When Gainsight identifies the happiest and strongest users of your system, you can use that insight to cultivate powerful advocates within an Influitive advocate community. Then take the advocacy data gathered by Influitive and incorporate it into the Gainsight Health Score to reflect the full range of customer activity.

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Learndot is an award-winning learning management system built on 15+ years of experience developing effective customer education programs. Beyond providing a platform for customer training, Learndot helps software companies design their education strategy, and develop and deliver their training, to drive customer success.

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The integration presents phone numbers within your favorite Gainsight screens and powers click-to-dial functionality with RingCentral’s cloud phone system. Once integrated, your Customer Success Managers can incorporate the personal touch of a one-on-one phone call into their daily workflow - all without losing time or efficiency.

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Point of Reference

When a customer is happy enough to share their success story on sales calls and via webinars their value to your company increases tenfold. While the marketing team is charged with amplifying those stories the customer success team has critical insights into the customer’s health. Integrating Gainsight with the only 100% Salesforce native customer advocate management solution, ReferenceEdge℠, makes for a powerful alliance.

With the integration, your teams can:

  • Maintain complete, up-to-date customer reference information for use by Sales and Marketing
  • Leverage customer reference activity in Health & Vital scores
  • Use trends in Health score to update customer reference status
  • Access complete customer reference profile information from within Gainsight
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RO Innovation

Boulder Logic and RO Innovation have officially joined forces. RO Innovation is a best-in-class customer reference management system. As the only B2B customer content engine for Sales Enablement, RO’s platform activates the voice of the customer to win more business. Now, you can synthesize data gathered during a customer’s lifetime to pinpoint the perfect reference for sales, as well as identify champions critical to the success of your relationship. With the integration you can:

  • View and track references in Gainsight
  • Create a Scorecard Measure for advocacy
  • Send automated messages of appreciation
  • Initiate CTAs to coordinate references cross-functionally
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People Insight for Gainsight
Your team’s interactions with your customer are a extremely important factor in the health of any managed account. Komiko allows you to track those interactions, create engagement plans by customer segment, and monitor their execution. Komiko is tightly integrated with Gainsight, so no new tools to learn. Implementation can be completed with a few hours work in less than 2 weeks.