Unify your customer data and create a holistic view of customers with Gainsight’s bi-directional integration with Salesforce. In Gainsight, you’ll get richer customer health scores to drive more impactful actions. In Salesforce, your entire company will be on the same page with accessible customer data embedded into the Account and Opportunity form in Salesforce.
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Sync critical customer data between SAP and Gainsight to create a central view of your customers. Drive a culture of customer-centricity throughout Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and beyond.

Microsoft Dynamics
Create a central view of your customers by integrating critical customer data between Microsoft Dynamics and Gainsight. Enrich customer health scores and more to ensure Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, and other teams have everything they need to proactively approach each customer’s needs.

Centralize your existing customer data with the Hubspot and Gainsight integration. Bring efficiency to your customer-facing teams and drive outcomes across your entire customer portfolio.

Extend the power of Gainsight by integrating with Pipedrive. Enrich your customer data with insights from your CRM to add depth to your customer healthscores, drive CSM action, and much more.

Get even more from Gainsight by integrating with Zoho. Give your customer data a boost with the insights from your CRM. Get deeper insights into customer health and drive better outcomes for your customers.


Google Analytics
Seamlessly integrate the data you collect via Google Analytics into Gainsight’s data repository. Provide your customer-facing teams with enriched analytics to drive proactive action with their book of business.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics
Get the most comprehensive view of your customers with the integration between Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Gainsight. Incorporate predictive signals from Einstein Prediction into your health model in Gainsight and analyze customer success activity and success plan data from Gainsight within Einstein Analytics. With this integration, you’ll more accurately measure customer health, forecast renewals, and drive proactive action.
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Import your customer usage data into Gainsight and use features like Adoption Explorer, CTAs, and more to analyze user activity and power processes that drive stronger adoption of your product.

Quickly connect Tableau to your Gainsight instance for fast discovery and analysis on customer data. Build reports, leverage Tableau functionalities like Advanced Visualizations, Collaboration, and Ask Data, and join Gainsight data with other data sources in Tableau.


Enhance both your support and customer success experience with the Zendesk and Gainsight integration. Never miss another red flag with support data enriching your customer health scores and driving proactive customer success activities. This integration also gives customers the ability to search for and access Zendesk articles directly in your product through Gainsight’s Knowledge Bot.

Salesforce Service Cloud
Enrich your customer experience by integrating your ticket information to Gainsight. Never miss a risk alert again with support data directly influencing customer health scores and powering proactive activities. This integration also gives customers the ability to search for and access Service Cloud articles directly in your product through Gainsight’s Knowledge Bot.
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Better assess the health of your customers with the FreshDesk and Gainsight integration. Enrich your customer health scores by capturing the tickets being created and data points like customer status and priority, open tickets, and more.


Software AG
Instantly integrate Gainsight with your other applications and automate your workflows across them. Keep your entire company aligned around the customer while increasing efficiency for your teams.

Increase efficiency by integrating Gainsight with your other applications. Power workflows across them to maintain a seamless customer experience.

Align your entire company around the customer by integrating Gainsight with your other applications.

Automate your business processes across applications. Connect any customer data with Gainsight including NetSuite with Celigo’s

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