Fighting the Churnbot | A Memoir Image

Fighting the Churnbot | A Memoir

We may never have met formally, but I think we know each other quite well.  My name is Sally McField.  My family knows me as Sally or Mom, and my business card reads Customer Success Manager. However, I have a secret life that I keep hidden when I go to work everyday – I transform into Super Sally, red cape and all.

Being a superhero is not easy, but someone needs to protect Techocon Town from the evil, customer-stealing Churnbot. The Churnbot preys on customers who are not receiving value from products and services. As more companies embrace the Internet of Customers trend in 2014, companies must find ways to get proactive about growing the lifetime value of their customers.

The Subscription Economy has made Customer Success more important than ever before.  A company can only be as successful as their customers are.  We Customer Success Managers often work in the shadows, keeping a close eye on customer data, planning QBR meetings, evaluating early indicators of churn.  It’s sometimes a thankless job, but today, a shift is occurring.

That’s why I’ve published my memoirs in an all new children’s book titled Sally vs. Churnbot.  As my holiday gift to you, the book is available for FREE courtesy of my friends at Gainsight.  Read the epic story of how I defeated the Churnbot in one of his cowardice attempts at my best customer.  Your children will love the story and get a better understanding of what CSM heroes like me do all day while they are at school.



If my story sounds very familiar, you might be on to something.  Super Sally may be my name, but in fact, I’m you.  It takes a special kind of hero to build a customer-driven culturereport on retention economics to the board or justify a broader investment in Customer Success to the executive team.  It’s about time someone told our story and helped inspire a future generation of Customer Success Managers.

Get your FREE copy of Sally vs. Churnbot today at

Thank you for everything that you do.  Happy Holidays from your friends at Gainsight!


Sally McField is a Customer Success Superhero. She resides in Technocon Town with her husband and children. She spends her days fighting churn and making her customers happy.