Gainsight Continues Its Leadership Position in Customer Reviews Image

Gainsight Continues Its Leadership Position in Customer Reviews

When evaluating customer success software, review platforms such as G2 and TrustRadius can be invaluable resources. G2 Grid Reports are based on thousands of verified reviews and data from actual users, so you can compare multiple vendors based on real feedback. TrustRadius’s platform provides detailed and in-depth reviews for B2B software from verified users.

The G2 Spring 2023 Grid Report for Customer Success was released, and it ranked the top 10 Customer Success solutions on two axes: Market Presence and Customer Satisfaction. In other words, how many people use the platform and how successful they are.

Gainsight CS and Gainsight Digital Hub (formerly inSided), have earned awards in several categories from leader in Community, Experience Management, Momentum, Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Best Relationship.

Gainsight CS, the company’s customer success platform, has earned accolades from G2 in two different categories. The platform has been ranked #1 in the Enterprise Grid, with no other products coming close, including Totango, Catalyst, ChurnZero, and Planhat. Gainsight has also earned the top spot in the Enterprise Relationship Index, with a 91% relationship score, surpassing the industry average of 83%. These wins highlight the platform’s ability to help businesses develop and maintain strong customer relationships, improve retention rates, and boost overall business success.

Gainsight PX earned TrustRadius’ most coveted Top Rated Award. PX won in four different categories, including Customer Experience Management, Product Management, Product Analytics, and Digital Adoption. Earning a Top Rated Award means you’ve provided excellent customer satisfaction, proving your credibility and helping buyers make confident technology decisions. Top Rated Awards are based entirely on reviews and customer sentiment. These awards are a testament to the platform’s ability to help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences, enhance product management, and drive digital adoption to achieve desired outcomes.

Here’s what one customer had to say about Gainsight PX:

“Gainsight PX offers robust analytics capabilities to help marketers gain insights into customer behavior and engagement. Through its analytics capabilities, Gainsight PX enables marketers to track user engagement, identify customer trends, and gain insights into customer behavior,” says Daivd Forsythe, Director of Product content Design at Kantata.

Here’s what a few customers had to say about Gainsight CS:

“Flexibility to integrate with all sorts of systems and data points. This platform is built with CSMs in mind, and the incremental improvements to a CSM’s productivity day to day prove themselves when it comes time for renewal and growth,” says Gunjan Nichani, Senior Manager, Customer Success Systems at Amplitude.

Gainsight is an impressive customer success management platform that offers several advanced features to help businesses achieve their customer-centric goals. The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the navigation process, thereby facilitating ease of use,” says Dustin W., Partner Success Manager.

Here’s what customers had to say about Gainsight Digital Hub:

“[Digital Hub] has undoubtedly changed our community strategy for the better. The platform’s robust analytics and reporting tools allow us to track and analyze user engagement, measure our content’s impact, and identify improvement areas. These insights will enable us to make data-driven decisions that improve our community’s overall effectiveness and impact,” says Brenna Buuck.

“The community looks sleek and user-friendly. I can really tell when a company is using a best-in-class community vs the more dated versions. Customers can understand how to use it right away and it has all the levers you’d imagine to run a successful community (gamification, product requests, knowledge management, etc.),” says Rebeca Tristan, Head of Experience and Operations at Pigment.

Gainsight’s recognition from G2 for its community platform product underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and providing exceptional customer success technology solutions. By enabling businesses to build and maintain vibrant customer communities, Gainsight is helping its customers build strong relationships, enhance engagement, and drive business success.

Gainsight’s wins across its product lines reflect its commitment to delivering the best-in-class solutions to its customers, helping them achieve desired outcomes and business success. These awards are also a testament to the company’s focus on innovation, staying ahead of the curve, and continuously improving its offerings to meet evolving market demands.

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