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Gainsight Platform Spring Release

Hi everyone,

I’m thrilled to have joined the Gainsight team to lead our Product Management and Analytics roadmap. Prior to Gainsight, I was at Facebook where I worked closely with our Customer Success teams, using predictive analytics to drive advertiser retention. Through this experience, I was exposed to the large market opportunity for Customer Success solutions.

While Customer Success emerged at small companies with small customers, today, large enterprises are recognizing the need for a Customer Success solution to retain and increase the lifetime value of their largest, most strategic relationships. For enterprises, continued growth increasingly depends on existing customer relationships – Gartner predicts that 80% of future revenues will come from 20% of existing customers. Data has become a cornerstone of Customer Success Innovation and I look forward to building more ways for our customers to explore and use data to deliver value in every client interaction.

The Spring release of the Gainsight Platform delivers functionality to help enterprises deliver value to their most strategic clients. It includes:

  • Sponsor Tracking to monitor executive and advocate relationships across LinkedIn and InsideView.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App that puts the power of Gainsight in executives’, sales’ and customer success managers’ pockets as they prepare for client meetings.
  • Gainsight Success Snapshots to automate presentation materials with customer-relevant data and metrics.
  • Gainsight Home – personalized data and workflow views for each department with a stake in Customer Success.
  • Enterprise Permissions to provide additional granularity for collaboration.


Check out the details below:

Sponsor Tracking

Gainsight’s Sponsor Tracking provides precaution against the number one cause of churn—an executive sponsor’s departure. Gainsight automatically detects contacts listed in the client’s CRM system and monitors for role changes in LinkedIn. Customer360 views are further augmented with external news, events and social intelligence from InsideView.


Salesforce1 Mobile App

Gainsight’s mobile application empowers Customer Success stakeholders to deliver value to their customers while on the go. Natively integrated with Salesforce, Gainsight blends customer health data, alerts, tasks and survey feedback with the Salesforce1 Platform’s sales, service and marketing capabilities on for real-time, secure, complete access on iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Success Snapshots

To drive renewals, retention and up-sell opportunities of large customers, many companies spend hours preparing for client meetings and only produce high-level, descriptive data. With just a few clicks, Gainsight’s Success Snapshots, powered by Gainsight’s Matrix Architecture, generate configurable assets that blend customer data from multiple sources into customer-friendly formats. These assets can take the form of data-filled presentations, QBR reports, or executive updates that make each interaction deliver more value.


Gainsight Home

Gainsight Home provides a personalized and actionable window for each role across the enterprise that touches Customer Success, enabling effective collaboration. Every Customer Success stakeholder, including executives, sales, marketing and support, gets relevant data and workflow views that they can configure at any time.

Enterprise Permissions

Gainsight Enterprise Permissions add another layer of control on top of existing CRM permissions that Gainsight preserves. Administrators can define additional granular privileges for Customer Success stakeholders to view customer and company data, modify blended reports, or use certain functionalities (such as surveys) within the Gainsight solution.


Puja Ramani is Gainsight’s Director of Product Management & Analytics. Puja builds Gainsight’s analytics and data discovery capabilities for enterprises to explore their data troves to gets answers to questions they didn’t know they had. Puja joins from Facebook where she worked on data-driven small business retention. Prior to Facebook, Puja held product management and engineering roles at Intuit. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.