Gainsight PX Goes Mobile Image

Gainsight PX Goes Mobile

Users today, whether on the go or working remotely, exist on various platforms and devices— web-apps, desktop, and especially mobile phones. 

Multiple platforms and devices can be a huge pain point for SaaS companies to deliver a unified experience. For example, what if your interoffice messaging system doesn’t transfer to mobile? What about other questions of overcoming the difficulty of bringing all of your customer data together? Are our customer’s other tech platforms integrated? 

With so many users existing on varied platforms, tracking them can be problematic. And even more so when users are using different products. Knowing the customer data, such as how they are using those products, at what time intervals, and for how long, is imperative. But once you have that data, how and where do you bring it all together? What a problem, especially if users are doing more of their work on a web app and mobile devices. And you want to serve them an engagement on that same platform. That is where Gainsight PX comes in to alleviate that pain point for you.

Gainsight PX displays analytic data across all user platforms, most especially for the mobile app. It doesn’t have to be isolated anymore. You can embed the same dashboard you created on the web or desktop version into the palm of your hand. And with mobile analytics, the data can be utilized on your web app, mobile app, or web and mobile apps combined. Such flexibility is advantageous even though many of us are not as on-the-go.

Another user issue of service engagements is not syncing in real-time to your desktop apps, leaving you lagging in certain mediums. Gainsight PX code can be ingested into any mobile application developed using the React Native/Nativescript programming language. It also works with Android, iOS, and Windows Operating systems. No matter the device, you can leverage PX on each one. 

Now, insights are available into how specific personas work across different platforms. For example, the extension value to executives will be immediately apparent. It is perfect for the executive on the go. Not only are analytics available, but other features such as People Maps and Journey Orchestrator too. Executives can see their guides and notifications, and they will be different than an end-user on the web app due to accessibility and visibility. 

What is also remarkable about PX mobile integration is the lightning-fast instrumentation. It is designed to measure, reflect, visualize, and validate every aspect of your product experience. So, instantly map and manage your mobile applications with every action across the product and the platform! It is a quick and rich way to consume information. Quite frankly, we are proud to say it is the best mobile app in Customer Success.