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Get Fired Up for Pulse Everywhere 2021

In the last 12 months, we have all seen more television than we likely care to admit. Deloitte’s recent Digital Media Trends survey indicates that consumers who subscribe to a paid service now pay for five accounts, up from three before the pandemic. Peacock, HBO Max, Quibi (RIP) all launched in 2020 to an already crowded marketplace of over 15 unique television streaming services. To see Beyoncé’s Black is King, I joined Disney+. Binging Little Fires Everywhere required a Hulu subscription, and watching the Shondaland post-NBC debut Bridgerton meant having Netflix. For those of us (me), who also like our Bravo reality tv, Sling has ensured I don’t miss my cable subscription. 

SaaS businesses have also seen a rise in 2020 as a result of everyone staying at home to live, work and play online. As a result,  Zoom, Slack, and Splunk have all seen record growth throughout the pandemic. More companies took their business functions to the cloud to limit pandemic disruption. With more enterprises and consumers alike subscribing to cloud-based businesses, the competition and costs to keep users happy have continued to skyrocket. For B2C companies, customer experience centers have seen support calls substantially increase and a need to invest more in CX and Support. In the B2B world, reducing churn, increased emphasis on NDR (net dollar retention), and doubling down on existing clients’ expansion opportunities have become critical, forcing increased Customer Success investment. 

There is a growing war for consumer attention that both B2C and B2B businesses face. In hot growth markets, that consumer attention is pricey. Every product leader is seeking to drive up product adoption. To do that, they must offer an exclusive experience, continue to innovate their product, and stay ahead of customer needs with roadmap decisions. In parallel, Sales and Customer Success teams must partner to identify customer challenges, deliver the right product solution, and ensure the product is consistently delivering on intended outcomes. With such higher stakes in a new economic environment, every decision can make or break your ability to keep your customers attention. In the B2C space, paying $15 a month for 3-5 subscriptions may be affordable to some, but in the B2B space, CFOs will be evaluating software to ensure they impact the bottom line. Cuts and consolidation will be the norm as companies look to bolster their books to weather potential economic difficulties that may lie ahead. 

So, where do we go from here? Pulse Everywhere, that’s where! This June 9-11, Gainsight will deliver three binge-worthy days of content covering all these topics and more. Binge your new favorite shows with us from Nick’s Creek, CCO’s Gambit, and Peaky Retention. Who knows, we may even pitch our best session to Hulu for a limited series run!

Across two days, we’ll have sessions to choose from covering topics such as customer success fundamentals, product adoption, end-to-end value, and alignment between Sales and CS. On the third day, we’ll be featuring stories from you—the Customer Success community—in a round of stimulating lightning talks. 

We’ll also be introducing a two-day Customer Success Operations track dedicated to the people who empower CS teams so that you can learn from the best. And last but not least, we are bringing Pulse Academy back to double the amount of learning you’ll take away from the week.

In addition to all the content to help you win with your customers, we’ll have all the child-like joy you expect from Gainsight. No sharing secrets for now, but expect a music video, special tech guests, and maybe even some furry friends. Have a look below at what past attendees had to say about Pulse Everywhere 2020. 

Customer Success and Product leaders should not miss this event! Last year we broke records with nearly 23,000 registrants. This year, we want you to be a part of another record-breaking streaming event. While we miss seeing all of your faces at Moscone Center, we’re fired up to bring you more content from the comfort of your couch as we prepare for the new post-pandemic world.