Have You Ever Had A Green Customer Churn? – Webinar Recap Image

Have You Ever Had A Green Customer Churn? – Webinar Recap

Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer, Kellie Capote, recently had a chance to join Amanda Schmidt, VP of Customer Success at PandaDoc, Customer Success Evangelist, Dan Steinman, and Bryan Plaster, Founder and CEO of CompleteCSM, for a candid conversation on how to handle the complex scenario of having a “green” customer churn.  And best practices to help avoid it in the future.

Here are a few key takeaways from the event – or scroll a bit further to watch the webinar in its entirety!

  1. Purely objective data is not enough – no matter how good your health score is, there’s a human element that is still often missed.
  2. NPS and CSM sentiment are not fully trustworthy – both are valuable but NPS responses are sparse and CSMs have their own biases.
  3. There’s a wealth of customer sentiment buried in our terabytes of customer conversations – emails, call recordings, Community posts, text in Support tickets. If we could mine all that data, we could plug this gap.
  4. Current methods don’t scale – no one has time to listen to all the recorded Zoom calls, read all the emails, etc. And human beings can’t apply consistent processes to that effort even if they did have time.
  5. AI is the answer and is working and available today – NaturalLanguage Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis are mature and working functionality that can be applied to this problem right now.

Enjoy this fun and informative conversation: