How MoveWorks Increased CSM Capacity and Saved $2.5M in Customer Retention Costs Using Automation Image

How MoveWorks Increased CSM Capacity and Saved $2.5M in Customer Retention Costs Using Automation

MoveWorks, a leading AI copilot platform, rocketed to rapid growth status as the AI-driven enterprise sector took off last year. In just 18 months, MoveWorks expanded their Customer Success Manager (CSM) team from just 7 reps to over 25.

Rapid Growth Meets Digital Customer Success

But rapid growth comes with growing pains: Key customer data became siloed across multiple tools. CSMs struggled to efficiently access the customer information they needed to effectively manage their book of business. Time-consuming manual processes like creating custom customer-facing documents prevented CSMs from engaging in more impactful work for their accounts.

Sound familiar? The MoveWorks team’s struggles are representative of the evolution of the Customer Success industry, and are likely resonant with many of you. As a SaaS business scales, it simply isn’t possible for Customer Success Manager headcount to keep pace with business growth. And even if you had budget to hire every CSM in the world, the customer journey is increasingly digital and omnichannel. Thus, Customer Success 2.0 demands a digital transformation.

Here’s a look at how MoveWorks embraced Digital Customer Success tactics to scale their CSM team’s efforts, while saving them time for higher-value strategic tasks.

Implementing It Step-by-Step

  1. Journey Orchestrator. MoveWorks implemented journey orchestration using the Gainsight platform to send personalized, automated emails at scale. This enabled ongoing nurture campaigns that previously required manual effort from CSMs.
  2. Generative AI. They leveraged natural language processing and AI to automatically generate call note summaries. This converts call transcripts into concise, actionable insights that CSMs can easily reference. (Learn more about Gainsight’s generative AI feature set, including Customer Cheat Sheet.)
  3. Streamlined Account Data Access. The MoveWorks data science team built an internal tool called Legoland to modularly generate slides packed with real-time account data.
  4. Repeatable Custom Deck-Building Process. CSMs use a simple low-code app to instantly build customized decks in under 60 seconds, ensuring consistent quality and freeing up time for customer conversations.
  5. Self-Service. MoveWorks launched their self-service Customer Academy portal to reduce the 5 or more hours per week CSMs previously spent on one-to-one training.
  6. Automated Reminders. They set up automated Slack notifications for event registration and reminders of upcoming meetings and renewals.
  7. Slick Integrations. MoveWorks integrated Gainsight directly into their own conversational AI product, so CSMs could easily access account info.
  8. Scaled Outreach. They implemented a new contact management system to help CSMs scale automated campaigns.
  9. Smooth Operations. The MoveWorks Ops team conducted a 4-week CSM time-tracking initiative to quantify efficiency opportunities.
  10. Robust Reporting. They developed robust impact reporting to showcase automation benefits across the organization.

MoveWorks Scaled CS Through Automation 

Here’s another look at how MoveWorks scaled their CSM team’s impact through a combination of email automation and journey orchestration.

The Results: Automation Drives Teammate Success and Customer Success

In 8 months, MoveWorks used automation to complete thousands of previously manual processes, saving over 4,000 CSM hours. Specifically:

  • Automated summaries created for 6,000 calls and 3,000 emails
  • Over 1,400 decks instantly generated, 3X increase in joint success plans
  • 10X reduction in CSM time spent on education
  • These efficiency gains empowered CSMs to increase ARR managed per rep by 32%.
  • Automation also delivered over $2.5M in customer retention cost savings for MoveWorks

Moveworks sees big efficiency wins with automation

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To learn more, check out the full study, Moveworks Leverages Gainsight to Efficiently Scale Customer Success and Manage the Company’s Growing Customer Base.