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5 Top Takeaways From Pulse Europe 2023

That’s a wrap on Pulse Europe 2023 at Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. As the sun sets on the city of bicycles, the Pulse community reflects on the power of technology to help us all have more time for what matters most: each other.

Throughout the journey of the event, attendees learned about emerging technologies that drive Customer Success (CS), from Customer Education to Community, Product Experience, and more. Critically, we also learned from each other about how to put those technologies into day-to-day practice to drive incredible customer experiences and outcomes at scale.

We learned a lot more than that, too. Like who reigns supreme at the air hockey table.

And how to discover new horizons in our work, as the landscape of our industry changes.

Without further ado, let’s dig into five of our top takeaways from Pusle Europe 2023.

1. Digital Customer Success Is for Every Segment

Digital Customer Success is the future of our industry, and while it might not look the same for every segment, the digitization of the customer journey is happening. As we move through the world, our experience is increasingly filtered through digital touchpoints, and this is true for your customers. The challenge on our plates as CS professionals is to seamlessly blend human-led interactions and digital touchpoints along that journey so the customer experience is cohesive and effective.

Kellie Capote, CCO, Gainsight

“I want to get everyone aligned to the critical mindset shift that’s happened. There’s been this fundamental shift where we used to think of Digital Customer Success or Tech Touch as like this longtail segmentation strategy. Let’s wipe that out of our brains. We need to embrace Digital Customer Success truly as a critical part of our comprehensive strategy for all customers,” Kellie Capote, CCO of Gainsight, said in the day 2 opening keynote.

As we navigate this shift, it will become critical to align all drivers of Customer Success into a seamless digital ecosystem, from Customer Education to Community to Product and beyond.

2. It’s Time to Formalize Your Customer Education Efforts

According to keynote panelist Adam Avramescu, VP of Customer Education & Engagement, Personio, “You already have educators on your team. Customer Education is about formalizing that.” Doing so allows your team to spend more time on higher-value activities.

Left to Right: Kellie Capote, CCO, Gainsight; Adam Avramescu, VP of Customer Education & Engagement, Personio; Carsten Shütz, VP of CS, EMEA/APAC, LeanIX; Robin Van Lieshout, Chief Strategy Officer, Gainsight

Avramescu continues, “The best time to invest in Customer Education was 10 years ago. The second best time is right now.”

Learn more about how Personio created a self-service customer culture with Gainsight.

3. It’s Critical to Own Your Customer Community Platform

According to Robin Van Lieshout, Chief Strategy Officer, Gainsight, “You want to connect all the data coming from your community efforts to your own systems—integrate it in your CS tool, in your CRM system, in your data warehouse—and that’s only possible if you really own the platform.”

4. The Pulse Community Knows How to Party

The Pulse Into Orbit Party at Club Panama was a night to remember.

From bedazzled makeup looks …

… to dazzling dance moves …

We took time to unwind and have fun after concluding day 1 of the conference.

The night included performances from show-stopping artists, including singer Franchesqua Evans.

And the multi-talented Ellie Sax!

We were blown away by the energy on the dance floor created by our incredible performers—and all of you!

5. AI Is Making Us More Human

Tori Jeffcoat, Manager of Product Marketing, Gainsight, co-hosted an incredible session on AI at Gainsight with Jake Ellis, Director of Product Evangelism and Operations, Gainsight.

Here are their top takeaways:

  • AI needs to be trustworthy, with the right security parameters.
  • AI has to add specific value to products and workflows. Try to avoid AI for the sake of AI.
  • AI makes us more human by relieving CSMs of drudgerous tasks and allowing them to spend more time on the human interactions that matter most.

As we refine our use of AI in our day-to-day work, maintaining a Human-First mindset will allow us to dial in the efforts that make a real difference to our teammates and customers.

Save the Date: Pulse Europe 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Pulse Europe 2024 is taking place 13–14 November, 2024 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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