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How to Create Digital Scale in Your Early-Maturity CS Program

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is imperative for all Customer Success teams. However, ensuring that you deliver the right information, at the right time, through the right channels is particularly challenging within the current “do more with less” mandate we all face. 

If you’re looking to enhance your customer engagement model for scale while also optimizing your resources, the tips shared in our recent Grow and Tell webinar provide a strong start.  Zack Sigert, Senior Program Manager, Digital Customer Success at AuditBoard shared his team’s strategies and tactics for impacting customers segments with a scale program that: 

  • Lessens the workload for Customer Success Managers (CSMs)
  • Transforms key lifecycle moments into digital and one-to-many interactions
  • Harnesses the power of self-service and other scaled communication channels

Here are the highlights from our conversation Sigert.

Start Simple With One-to-Many Webinars

For organizations looking to augment the role of CSMs through digital means, several strategies can be initiated. One strategy is the implementation of one-to-many webinars that help educate customers on a range of topics, including: 

  • Implementation plans that provide concise action items that shorten a customer’s Time to Value (TTV)
  • Adoption playbooks that help customers plan specific milestones they need to hit in order for the product to yield the greatest impact
  • Verified outcomes that highlight how your customers’ peers are realizing tangible value with your product or service

AuditBoard tracks metrics of this type of program through transactional surveys that identify advocates, help analyze upsell and cross-sell potential, and monitor customer engagement with signals that filter into health scores.

Collaborate With Marketing to Expand Digital Touchpoints

A common concern regarding the use of email in scaled CS programs is the risk of over-messaging customers. The AuditBoard team addresses this challenge through a thoughtful approach to alignment with Marketing. 

Regular audits of communication touchpoints and collaboration with Marketing teams help ensure that messaging remains coordinated and tailored to customer needs. By sharing insights, data, and customer feedback, digital scale programs can minimize the risk of overwhelming customers with redundant information.

With the right approach to scaling CS touchpoints using email, in-app, Community, or other channels, organizations can determine which types of engagement drive the most value for customers by measuring open rates, content engagement, conversion events, and more.

The ROI of Digital CS

At AuditBoard, an investment has been made in dedicated operations that are focused on driving digital scale experiences. Immediate impact and ROI has come from augmenting CSM efforts, streamlining their tasks, and creating opportunities for CSMs to focus on value-added moments. 

By automating redundant tasks, CSMs can spend more time engaging with customers and identifying risks and expansion opportunities. These efforts have a direct impact on revenue, particularly since your Digital CS Ops program can track clear metrics such as correlating webinar participation with revenue expansion. 

For AuditBoard, this approach has improved the customer experience, enhanced retention rates, and made identifying customer advocates much easier. 

Planning Your Digital CS Roadmap 

AuditBoard is continuously enhancing its customers’ experience by expanding its scale programs. Current initiatives in their roadmap include: 

  • Implementing a self-service knowledge base
  • Holding regular interactive training sessions
  • Building community forums to encourage customer collaboration
  • Leveraging AI-powered tools for providing real-time support and quick resolution to customer inquiries

The past year has highlighted the need for businesses to scale their Customer Success programs effectively. By considering various factors in program building, employing suitable measurement strategies, aligning with Marketing, and showcasing the ROI of dedicated operations personnel, companies can achieve long-term success. AuditBoard remains committed to offering scaled resources.

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