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How to use Gainsight and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a Better Customer Experience

This year at Pulse 2019, Gainsight officially made our biggest product announcement ever.

We unveiled the Gainsight Customer Cloud that includes incredible products like CS, PX, CX, CDP and RO—all purpose-built to drive customer success across the entire company. But there’s one announcement that’s just as big of a deal that may have flown under the radar compared to the Customer Cloud: a deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We talk a lot about a companywide commitment to delivering outcomes to customers, and now we can do that for Dynamics CRM users so they can drive outcomes for theirs. It’s all part of our commitment to giving our customers the opportunity to use Gainsight’s products in unison with the tools that they’re already using.

How does it all work, you ask? Let’s dive deeper!

Gainsight for Microsoft Dynamics

Gainsight’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows companies to drive outcomes by providing cross-functional teams with rich customer data, powerful collaborative tools, and a complete 360-degree view of their customers that ensures customer-facing reps continue to stay ahead of any challenges their customers might have.

Microsoft AppSource: One of Microsoft’s incredible innovations comes by way of Microsoft AppSource, which serves as its central hub for purpose built tools like Gainsight. As a Gainsight and Dynamics user, you will have the ability to view powerful customer data that helps you understand the health of your customers, automate CTAs and playbooks, and build success plans to drive expansion.

Integrations: In today’s economy, your customers have the power to leave at any moment (this essential guide talks more about why). This is why it’s essential to use tools that fit within your current processes. Gainsight’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics allows a seamless integration within your current workflow. With a widget on the account and opportunity forms, our integration empowers Dynamics users to collaborate and drive outcomes giving your entire company the ability to rally around the customer. Not only will you be able to put more focus on your customer base, you’ll be able to push Dynamics entities into Gainsight objects to match your current activities.

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Empower your cross-functional teams

When it comes to creating an incredible experience for your customers, getting your entire team aligned is key. Without cross-functional visibility and alignment around your customers, account owners are stuck wondering what other areas of the business may be influencing your customers’ decisions. Gainsight has created a framework for getting your entire company aligned around customer success. Here’s the gist. By putting your customers at the center of your business with shared insights, your Sales, Support, Finance, and other teams will have the opportunity to collaborate using customer data displayed right from the account and opportunity forms.

Embedded Team View:  Understanding what your customers needs in real time makes for much better preparation for customer calls or meetings as well as helps you stay updated on upcoming renewals, surveys, or support tickets. With Gainsight’s widget embedded into Dynamics’ account form, teams have the added advantage of knowing what’s happening with customers without breaking their daily workflow.

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Understand your customer data

While customer data doesn’t need to be perfect, the data that you currently have plays a major role in your ability to be effective across every stage of the customer journey. With the ability to see customer data in real time within your instance of Dynamics, customer teams are more equipped than ever to proactively drive renewals, identify at-risk customers, and prevent churn while upleveling their overall customer experience.  

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Customer Health: Having the ability to drive actions based on the health of your customer can have a lasting positive impact on your business. Gainsight’s integration with Microsoft allows users to have a complete 360-degree view into their customer health right on the account form. Because Gainsight’s customer health scorecard is completely configurable to match your business and Dynamics workflow, you will only see the metrics that matter to you.  

Customer Journey: By understanding the customer journey and the important touchpoints that influence their experience and your business, your customer teams can determine where to focus. Gainsight allows Dynamics users to seamlessly integrate their customer data to drive actions, engagements, automate CTAs, and create standardized playbooks to use at any stage of the customer journey.

Gainsight + Microsoft Connector:

Want to learn more about the Microsoft integration? Request a demo or search for Gainsight on Microsoft AppSource.

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