Gainsight Glossary

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Gainsight’s CRM software offers new capabilities that enable companies to increase retention and revenue, by better serving their customers. To grow revenue, you need customer relationship management (CRM) applications that can enable you to analyze data within the context of the application you are using.

With customer support and product usage data existing outside of that application, Gainsight’s embedded analytics customer relationship management tools can track all sales activity — every customer, lead and opportunity — and take action from wherever you are.

Integrate CRM systems including Oracle Sales Cloud,, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, SalesLogix, Siebel and more with Gainsight’s advanced data analytics to provide:

  • An integrated 360 degree view of customer health across service/product usage, contract information, billing history, support activity, survey responses, reference, engagement data and more

  • Data-driven workflows to mark up-sell opportunities and at-risk customers based upon patterns and rules

  • Identifying future revenue opportunities

  • Bring back to health at-risk customers

  • Improve existing relationships

Increase retention and revenue today with Gainsight.

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