Incorporate your Services Team into your Customer Success Strategy Image

Incorporate your Services Team into your Customer Success Strategy

Does your customer organization often feel they have little insight into the customer’s experience during onboarding or a services engagement? Do you need a better method to keep sales, services and customer success aligned throughout the customer’s lifecycle?

Well despair no further! Maintaining that transparency and alignment across your teams to ensure your customer has a consistently excellent experience is now possible with the newly announced Clarizen-Gainsight integration. By combining Clarizen’s collaborative work management platform with Gainsight’s leading customer success solution, you can now ensure a customer’s experience is seamless from start to perpetual renewal.

Integration Overview

As a native Salesforce App, Gainsight leverages Clarizen’s Salesforce Integration to combine existing Salesforce data with Clarizen and Gainsight information. The integration provides continuous insight into the health of the customer through onboarding and services engagement and makes that insight valuable via reporting and integrated displays and actionable with automated email outreach through CoPilot, Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and health scores.

Conversely, exposing key Gainsight metrics in Clarizen allows services teams to have relevant and current information on the health and overall sentiment of the customer. This allows a services team to have valuable information about the customer easily accessible, and act in unison with a customer success team on any existing initiatives or escalations.

Gainsight and Clarizen combine the best practices of customer success and collaborative work management, enabling sales, customer success managers (CSMs) and professional services managers to:

● Incorporate reports on your Clarizen projects into the C360 and your existing dashboards to bring the management of their project into context with all your customer success efforts.


● Create a scorecard measure that represents the state of their current ongoing project.

● Send an automated and personalized email message to customers when they reach an important project milestone or complete their project. For example, email them to share your excitement at their completion of onboarding with your product, let them know the next steps, who they can expect to hear from and useful resources for a just-launched stage.

● Integrate your Clarizen social sync feed with Salesforce Chatter to ensure communications are complete and effective across all teams.


● Use a feature checklist populated by sales to indicate what the customer has purchased and, once the engagement is complete, updated by services to show what was implemented. Never again comb through contracts to understand what was sold and sift through a customer’s instance to determine what was enabled.

● Initiate a CTA within Gainsight’s cockpit when a milestone becomes delayed or a project becomes off-track. Use a CTA playbook to standardize coordination across services and the customer organization to quickly and efficiently organize the appropriate response to get the project back on-track and the customer on their way.


Delayed Project Milestone CTA and Tasks

To enable the integration for your Gainsight instance, visit the Clarizen AppsMarketplace.

Next week, Clarizen will share how Gainsight leverages Clarizen at our organization – stay tuned!