Keep your Customer Lifecycle Flowing with an Integration between Gainsight and Azuqua Image

Keep your Customer Lifecycle Flowing with an Integration between Gainsight and Azuqua

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Account Managers need to know everything about their customers that there is to know– in real time and all the time. With the constant flow of new customer data to and from different systems, it is a sisyphean task to keep rolling that data management rock up the hill (so to speak).

The newly announced integration between Azuqua, an enterprise-grade systems connector, and Gainsight will make you the Zeus of your data domain. With Azuqua for Gainsight, you can quickly create and maintain data flows between all your systems and Gainsight. Now you can easily bring in all customer data into Gainsight, and also drive your customer insights from Gainsight to the rest of your organization. Azuqua’s workflow builder and 40 (and growing) supported channels make setup a snap – no coding or custom API work required.

The Azuqua FLOpack for Gainsight allows you to incorporate all Azuqua’s supported channels. While the combinations of channels and actions are endless, here are our four favorite FLOs:

  1. Monitor Twitter and create Calls to Action (CTAs) in Gainsight for CSM follow-up
  2. Add a Calendar invite to your CSMs calendar for all upcoming customer meetings and events
  3. Create a new customer in Gainsight and all of your customer support systems when a customer signs up on your website
  4. Add your CTAs and Tasks in Gainsight to the customer’s corresponding Sharepoint list

To illustrate the thunderous power of Azuqua’s real-time integration for Gainsight, we aligned examples of Azuqua’s workflows with the typical Customer Lifecycle represented in Gainsight.

To learn more about enabling the integration for your company, visit here.

Feeding the Customer Lifecycle


Stage 1: Purchased

Set-up your systems with new customer and new user information

During the first stage of the customer lifecycle, setting up all your systems with the new customer information is the priority.

Using an Azuqua FLO can make this process exceptionally efficient, especially for your low-touch customers. Follow the FLO below to see how you can prep all your systems with the new customer and new user information without human intervention.


Stage 2: Kicked-Off

Create Onboarding Project and enable communication channels

With your basic customer and user information added to your systems, kick off the appropriate onboarding project for what the customer has purchased and establish the channels of communication your teams will use to stay informed on the customer’s onboarding process.


Stage 3: Launched

Coordinate a team handoff at Customer Launch

Once your customer completes onboarding, create a Milestone for a historical record and coordinate all teams needed to ensure a seamless internal handoff.


Stage 4: Adopting

Holistically monitor a customer for adoption health

Monitor your customer’s sentiment about you on Social Media. Bring that information into Gainsight to understand their sentiment in context and take follow-up action.

Keep all your customer-facing teams aligned

When there’s a new CTA or task in Gainsight that requires coordination across your customer-facing teams, send an update or notification to their favorite system – in this example, Sharepoint*.


About Azuqua
Azuqua lets SaaS users connect cloud applications, automate business-critical workflows, and take control of the customer experience. Azuqua’s integration platform-as-a-service eliminates the coding and infrastructure management of traditional ESB platforms and provides consumption-based pricing. Using Azuqua’s intuitive, drag-and-drop visual designer, anyone can design and deploy their own custom business workflows between SaaS applications in minutes. Based in Seattle, Azuqua is a venture-backed software-as-a-service provider, 2015 Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Process Management, and a graduate of the TechStars program. Sign up for a free trial at and follow Azuqua on Twitter (@azuqua).

About Gainsight

Gainsight, the first and only complete Customer Success solution, helps businesses reduce churn, increase up-sell and drive Customer Success. The company’s SaaS suite integrates with Salesforce and uses Big Data analytics to evaluate sales data, usage logs, support tickets, surveys and other sources of customer intelligence. In this way, Gainsight provides a 360° view of customers and drives retention across Customer Success, sales, marketing, executive and product management. Learn how leading companies like Angie’s List, Castlight Health, Marketo and Informatica are using Gainsight to help their customers succeed at

*Sharepoint Channel will be supported January 2015