Navigating the Shift to Digital CS to Achieve Efficiency and Scale Image

Navigating the Shift to Digital CS to Achieve Efficiency and Scale

Does this scenario sound familiar? Customer data scattered across various systems, workflows bottlenecked by manual processes, and an overarching need for a more unified and efficient approach. This was the situation Sana Benefits was experiencing, and it rings true for countless organizations working to navigate their customer success maturity in order to deliver efficient growth in their business.

Sana Benefits recently shared how it was able to overcome these challenges in its first year with Gainsight in a recent Essentials Business Review webinar.

The Challenge

Before embracing Gainsight, Sana Benefits’ CS operations were hindered by disparate systems and inefficiencies. Customer data was fragmented across various platforms, leading to customer success managers chasing data between tools and engaging in highly manual communication processes. The organization was stuck in a cycle of adding new tools to meet specific needs, resulting in a siloed and fragmented strategy that was not scalable or sustainable.

The Transformation

Sana Benefits knew that it needed to transition off of its existing system of multiple bespoke tools, to a streamlined and integrated customer success program. Its due diligence on technology options ended with the decision to scale its customer success strategy with Gainsight Essentials.

Gainsight’s HIPAA compliance was a crucial factor in the decision-making process, ensuring that customer data would be handled securely. The implementation required a highly collaborative effort across various departments, including Engineering, Sales, Product, and Customer Success, ensuring a seamless transition and optimized processes.

The cross-functional team rallied around the goal to bring all customer interactions, data, and workflows into a single, unified platform. This shift was not just about adopting a new tool; it was about reimagining the entire customer journey, ensuring a seamless experience for customers while optimizing processes to save time and resources.

The Benefits

The consolidation of tools and data led to more automated processes that delivered valuable outcomes immediately. Using the Events Framework, Sana Benefits was able to deploy workflows that once took days into a matter of minutes. This shift not only enhances customer satisfaction but also significantly reduces the cost-to-serve, driving efficiency and profitability.

Along with the initial outcomes achieved, the foundation is now set for the implementation of tailored customer journeys, customized communication strategies, and a deeper understanding of customer behavior that can lead to continuous improvements in retention. 

The Future

Sana Benefits’ journey to digital customer success and data consolidation is a testament to the transformative power of the right tools and a strategic approach. By consolidating their tools into a single platform, optimizing workflows, and reducing their cost, they have set themselves on a path for efficient growth in their business. For other CS leaders considering a platform like Gainsight, the key is to involve cross-functional teams early on. Sana Benefits recognized the need to focus on data quality, start small and treat its customer success platform as a living organism that requires ongoing attention and investment.

Hear more from Sana Benefits first-hand in this short video:

What’s Next?

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