Pulse Everywhere 2021: Speaker Spotlights Image

Pulse Everywhere 2021: Speaker Spotlights

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+. The recent proliferation of streaming services has led to an abundance of original content. Here at Gainsight, we’ve been inspired by the variety of exclusive content found across these platforms.

The more we thought about it, the more we saw parallels between some of our favorite movies and shows with the agenda we’re developing for Pulse Everywhere 2021. Take a look at a few of our speaker spotlights and see the alignment for yourself! If you haven’t signed up for our free virtual conference yet, what are you waiting for? Register here.

Top Picks: Simplifying Customer Success Track

Spotlight: Lorna Henri, Vice President of Customer Success at Modern Health
Topic: Launching Customer Success Fast

Creating a Customer Success organization or team from scratch is never easy. It’s kind of like the Fast and the Furious movies— you put together a team that gets the job done. Getting an org up and launching it fast can be quite the challenge. Sometimes, you gotta put your pedal to the metal, punch it, and drive hard. If ever there was a person who could drive this motion and handle it with ease, it’s Lorna Henri. Lorna is the VP of Customer Success at Modern Health.

Lorna also has extensive experience building and scaling CS organizations that include onboarding, training, and adoption. Lorna is not afraid of renewals, upsells and cross-sells and takes on minimizing churn rates fast and furiously. Want to learn from someone who is a Gainsight Award Winner for Customer Success Excellence in a highly competitive Saas market? Then drift into this session when you register here and listen to Lorna who handles launching CS orgs like a BOSS!

Chart-Topping: Customer Success Operations

Spotlight: Will Rahim, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success at Delphix, a global leader in digital transformation
Topic: Win Fast by Hiring Customer Success Operations Early

The new Top Gun movie is just on the horizon and it appears it may land on HBO Max first. But for CS, the real Top Guns are Will Rahim, SVP of Global CS, and his wingmen, Scott Klimek, VP of Customer Operations, and Todd Massey, Senior CS Ops Manager, all of Delphix They will be leading the session Win Fast by Hiring CS Operations Early. And who would know better about speed, than Will Rahim. He and the Delphix leadership team were tasked with defining and implementing a five-year roadmap to achieve world-class customer success.

The foundations and roadmap they developed were solid, scalable, and able to handle the incredibly rapid growth their CS organization was predicted to achieve. Will said, “We’re far ahead of schedule, we’ve exceeded expectations, we have insights into our customers we never had before.” Delphix accelerated their ability to grow their customer success team using their scalable and predictive structure. So, come learn from the best of the best at Pulse Everywhere. Who knows, Will and his team at Delphix may have broken the CS sound barrier!

Watch Next: Customer Success Strategy

Spotlight: David Sakamoto and Sherrod Patching of GitLab
Topic: Making CS Work In a Remote-first Model

While we were all working remotely, some of us had to find a distraction of great worth. For many, it was The Queen’s Gambit—a story all about strategy, seeing the plays before your opponent does, and learning from others while facing matches alone. If anyone would know about strategy, seeing the bigger picture, and making CS work in a Remote First Model, it would be David Sakamoto. David is not only the Vice President of Customer Success at GitLab, but he is also a worldwide recognized expert and thought leader in CS.

GitLab is an open-source, code-collaboration platform in a single application. It helps developers and teams produce better, more secure products faster while reducing costs and time to market. That is a lot of maneuvers to help customers reach success, especially in the remote world! But David, along with Customer Success Leader, Sherrod Patching, understands the “brilliancy” of a true check-mate and winning the game with a remote-first model and wants to share it with you. Register now if you are up for the game!

Pulse Originals: End-to-End Value

Spotlight: Manjula Talreja, CCO of PagerDuty, and Jeremy Evans, Global VP, Customer Success at Zuora
Topic: End-To-End Outcomes

During the past year, travel shows have become extremely popular. There is a desire to see familiar and new locations while isolating in place. One of the most entertaining and funniest is Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father – Best Travel Partners. At every stage of their journey, comedian Jack Whitehall and his father Michael have encounters planned and unplanned, but somehow they come out of them with a very human relationship experience.

When thinking about this Netflix series, the session on End-To-End Outcomes becomes more tangible. Whether it is the panelists Manjula Talreja, Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty, or Jeremy Evans, Global VP of Zuora, both are examples of creating end-to-end CS journeys for customers that emphasize an incredible experience while delivering outcomes, yet being human-first. If you want to understand each step of the customer journey in a very human and exciting way, register now because this is the session for you!

Familiar Favorites: Customer Success at Scale

Spotlight: Mary Poppen, Chief Customer Officer of Glint at LinkedIn
Topic: Building an End-to-End Tech Touch Program

What’s in a name? Mary Poppen, practically perfect in every way. At least we think so. Mary is the Chief Customer Officer of Glint at LinkedIn. She is a well-recognized customer experience thought leader, speaker, mentor, and author on performance, process improvement, and employee engagement. Mary was also a contributor to Gainsight’s CCO, Ashvin Vaidyanathan, and Ruben Rabago’s The Customer Professional Handbook. What is intriguing about Mary is that she holds a Bachelor’s in Applied Science and a Master’s Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. And it is in that incredibly right brain-left brain capability that she weaves the data part of CS and the EQ component of being customer-led in a tech touch business model. Mary has over 20 years of business consulting and executive leadership experience.

That is why we asked Mary and her Glint team to be part of the track to speak on Building an End-to-End Tech Touch Program. Who else can educate you on the purpose behind customer experience and scale even at the tech touch level better than Mary? And if you want to catch either version of Mary Poppen or Mary Poppins, one will be at Pulse Everywhere and the other on Disney+.

Trending Now: Product Adoption and Experience Track

Spotlight: Manish Devgan, Sr. VP of Product Management at Software AG
Topic: Data-Driven Onboarding

Netflix has released two original movies called The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2. The story centers around Santa and Mrs. Claus who finds and saves brother and sister, Kate and Jack while also saving Christmas. Twice! They travel all over, defend the North Pole, and, again, save Christmas! Now, how did Santa do all that? Who was watching the shop? We went to our secret informant, Manish Devgan, who is rumored to be one of Santa’s top consultants on Product Adoption and Experience.

According to Manish and his Twitter post, even the best service and product providers, like Santa’s North Pole Organization, can utilize Data-Driven Onboarding to make their business better. Onboarding can be the most challenging phase in the customer lifecycle. We all know that onboarding should be fast and frictionless. You get one chance to make an incredible first impression and Manish believes that innovation and data-driven processes make that possible! And he is always on the lookout for “out of the box” ideas and products to help companies reach their desired outcomes of engaged customers. Wow! To accomplish that would be like Christmas every day. Who better than Manish to be a member of the Pulse Everywhere panel on Data-Driven Onboarding?

Watch Next: Customer Success Strategy

Spotlight: Maria Funkhouser, VP of Customer Success at Lumen, and Erika Cowen, VP of Customer Success at F5
Topic: Customer Success Reborn in the Cloud

Sometimes when thinking about SaaS, CS, and the utilization of data in the cloud, our minds can wander a bit imagining all that information in that incredible place. But have we utilized it properly and to its full potential? Is there anything new we can learn about this space? Could CS literally be reborn in the cloud? Maria Funkhouser, VP of Customer Success at Lumen, and Erika Cowen, VP of Customer Success at F5, are Wonder Women traveling through the cloud in their invisible jets to deliver insights on CS innovation.

With their lassos of truth, they will explore the role of Customer Success in driving Strategic, Transformational Change. Maria brings a unique perspective leading the enterprise CS strategy at a Fortune 500 telco with 40,000 global employees. Erika gives the POV from a multi-cloud application security and delivery company whose technology powers everyday consumer behavior like streaming videos on mobile devices and online banking. Register now to catch this session!

Also Watch: Gainsight on Gainsight Sessions

Spotlight: Gainsight’s Presenters
Topic: Gainsight’s Processes, Plays, and Outcomes

In the Marvel Universe, there are incredible superheroes that come together to save, well, the universe. Now, in our minds, all CS professionals are superheroes. And we always want to hear about their victories of creating processes that get their customer to success. However, when it comes to sharing Gainsight’s views on the Gainsight Universe, who better to explain that perspective than—Gainsters. Throughout Pulse Everywhere, there will sessions hosted by our Gainsters sharing how we hold ourselves to a high bar of customer success. Please join:

  • Kendra McClanahan, Manager, Customer Success Operations for Iterating on Your Health Score Methodology
  • Kellie DeHart, SVP of Sales and Account Management, and Kellie Capote, SVP of Customer Success presenting Gainsight’s Sales and Customer Success Partnership
  • Tyler McNally, VP of Customer Experience, unveiling our End to End Outcomes Program
  • Jen Bruno, Sr. CS Ops Business Partner, Enablement & Transformation, sharing Gainsight’s process of Enabling the Customer Success Org
  • Lane Holt, Director Client Outcomes presenting Gainsight’s Digital Segment

What a fantastic chance to see and hear Gainsight’s superheroes’ insights on our processes, plays, and outcomes.

We can’t wait to see you at Pulse Everywhere this June 9th-11th. Unlike our favorite streaming services, it’s FREE to sign up! Register Now.