Strengthen and Leverage your Company’s Best Resource: Customer Advocates Image

Strengthen and Leverage your Company’s Best Resource: Customer Advocates

The power of a customer’s own words to describe and share their experience with your company can not be undervalued. Today, Gainsight and Boulder Logic announce an integration of Boulder Logic’s leading customer reference management solution with Gainsight’s Customer Success Platform. With Gainsight’s integration with Boulder Logic, you can now synthesize data gathered during a customer’s lifetime to pinpoint the perfect reference for sales as well as identify champions critical to the success of your relationship.

Integration Overview
As a native Salesforce App, Gainsight leverages Boulder Logic’s Salesforce Integration to combine existing Salesforce Data with Boulder Logic and Gainsight information. The integration provides new insight into customer interaction with marketing material and overall experience with your company as well as makes that data actionable with automated email outreach, Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and health scores.

Conversely, Gainsight’s insight into a customer’s product usage, activity, survey responses, and overall sentiment can provide specific insights into which customers and which users could best serve as a sales reference. This can help the sales team quickly identify which customer has the right kind of experience and message to resonant with a prospect to close the deal.

Gainsight and Boulder Logic combine the best practices of customer success and customer reference management enabling CSMs and Sales Reps to:

  • View and track who has served as a customer reference from that customer on the C360 and Gainsight Home pages, including who served as the reference, when, for which opportunity and as what reference type.

Example C360 Report of Requested References


  • Create a scorecard measure that represents a customer’s willingness to advocate on your behalf.
    Send an automated and personalized email message to thank customers that serve as references and share how much you appreciate them.

Example CoPilot Email Outreach

UseCase3 Step-1

  • Initiate a CTA within Gainsight’s cockpit when a customer contact is flagged as a potential reference. Use a CTA playbook to standardize coordination across Sales and the Customer Organization to quickly and efficiently organize the reference and ensure follow-up.

“Today, Boulder Logic’s proven enterprise reference platform adds a new and valuable dimension to the understanding and management of a customer’s success,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “We are excited to deliver this integration for Sales and CSMs alike and for the benefit of our joint customers.”

“Boulder Logic is proud to be integrated with Gainsight’s market leading platform,” added Joshua Horwitz, CEO of Boulder Logic. “Customer references are an important measure of customer success and a tremendously valuable asset for sales and marketing.”

To enable the integration for your Gainsight instance, visit our How-To Guide.

About Boulder Logic
Boulder Logic provides enterprise marketing software for salespeople to find the best customer stories and request live reference activity, while protecting these most valuable advocate relationships.

About Gainsight
Gainsight provides the leading solution for Customer Success to help businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upsell and driving advocacy among customers. Learn More