Deliver the value your customers demand.

Our technology and expertise allows companies like yours to drive retention and growth by delivering the value customers demand. With Gainsight, get a complete picture of your customer, create exceptional customer experiences, and help your customers realize outcomes at scale.

Gainsight Platform

Align your team around the customer and drive desired outcomes.

  • Empower your team with a single source of truth for every customer, and a comprehensive, accurate health scoring framework
  • Capture every interaction and give your customer-facing teams context, alignment, and a convenient path to next steps with every customer
  • Boost efficiency with proven, prescriptive workflows, proactive alerts, and engaging tech touch programs
  • Save time and make better decisions with simple, but sophisticated analytics for the entire customer journey
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Fuel growth with product analytics and personalized user engagement.

  • Understand exactly what users are doing in your product with powerful product analytics
  • Help users get started and point them to high-value features with intuitive, in-product engagement
  • Collect feedback in-app to pair feature usage data with how users are truly feeling
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See why Box chose Gainsight to power customer satisfaction, adoption, renewals, and expansion.

The platform built for customer success.

  • Easily connect multiple customer data sources with powerful integrations
  • Enable your team to work more efficiently with Gainsight’s inviting, intuitive Horizon Experience
  • Accelerate your Customer Cloud journey with a community-enhanced best practices library of Gainsight templates, configurations, out-of-the-box reports, and more
  • Model your business’s unique and nuanced business relationships structures across Gainsight functionality, including multiple products, deployments, or business units
  • Dramatically simplify the path to uncover signals across even the most complex datasets with powerful reporting capabilities
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Optimize renewal and expansion motions to drive revenue.

  • Centralize renewal and expansion management to more effectively forecast and execute on opportunities
  • Deeply understand your customers and stakeholders to more effectively retain and grow your base
  • Drive a programmatic approach to driving retention and growth at scale with robust workflows and collaboration tools
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Deliver superior customer experiences at scale.

  • Easily access all your customer experience data in a centralized view to address the source of experience issues and prove the impact of your experience investments
  • Create a variety of closed-loop surveys necessary for a best-in-class feedback program, including NPS, CSAT, CES, and more
  • Act on the feedback you receive with automated, multi-channel customer journeys
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We're not just talk, we've got proof
25 Point Increase In NPS
67% Increased Renewals Efficiency
127% Increased Net Retention
50% Increased CSM Efficiency
$15M Influenced Expansion
35% Churn Reduction

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