Turn fragmented data into powerful insights and actions.

The Gainsight Customer Data Platform provides B2B companies with the ability to capture and act on customer data in order to better understand and engage customers.

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Our deep customer expertise translated into a unique B2B data platform.

Gainsight is the leader in understanding what a business needs to make customers successful. We’ve translated this expertise into a complete customer data platform IT leaders can use to finally deliver the single source of customer truth that business leaders demand.

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Invest in a platform that goes beyond insights.

In B2B environments, customer relationships are nuanced and many stakeholders are involved. Gainsight CDP delivers insight and enables action in complex relationships.

  • Bring together customer data in all its different formats for one single source of truth.

    • Gainsight CDP combines multiple types of databases into one unique platform so that you can bring in any format of customer data, from batched CRM Account information to streaming product telemetry data and everything in-between.
    • Easily integrate your customer data pipeline into Gainsight with our combination of APIs, CSV integration options, and productized connectors to the most common systems of customer data.
    • Enjoy flexibility and full control over your object structure, schema, and data within Gainsight. Manage all aspects of your data architecture through an administrative interface to continuously and quickly adapt your schema as your business evolves.
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  • Unify customer data around a flexible model of your customer to accurately represent how you serve your client base.

    • Represent the complete picture of how you work with your customer by combining relational and non-relational data stores.
    • Use our customer definition models to represent the traditional Account Hierarchy as well as the multiple products, deployments, and services you’ve sold to each part of that Account.
    • Our Person Model reflects how business relationships work in the real-world by allowing one Person record to be associated to multiple customer entities and even move between them so you can understand how people relate to your business in a multitude of contexts.
    • Own an end-to-end tool that creates the data structures needed to effectively model time-series data.
    • Use integrated statistical calculations and algorithms to take the lift out of generating data science insights from streaming data sets.
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  • Use sophisticated transformation and reporting tools to derive actionable insight from customer data.

    • Explore customer data in new ways with a powerful and flexible reporting framework that makes it easy for business admins to prepare customer data sets for reports and dashboards in a graphical interface.
    • Perform powerful, multi-step, in-memory transformations for large datasets within a single rule in our Workflow Engine. Transformations include aggregations, multi-dataset merges, formulas, and time-series calculations; helping your team to better identify meaningful data signals.
    • Understand what your customers are thinking about a certain topic by using robust text analytics to analyze survey comments, customer updates and activities (including recorded emails), and any other text data to keep track of customer sentiment at scale.
    • Use all of your customer data to produce a meaningful measure of customer health. Our scorecard framework can convert your data streams into a comprehensive picture of the health of your customer base.
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  • Contextualized visualization for every user makes customer insight useful for everyday action.

    • Present a 360-degree view to a user based on the dimension of the overall customer they are related to, whether they manage a division, a product, or a region, and only show them the data and features they want to see.
    • Provide a place for users to capture notes, emails, and to-dos in one place to enhance quantitative data with qualitative insight.
    • Make more informed decisions with visual reports and dashboards that provide a strategic analysis of all of your customer data across your portfolio.
    • Keep cross-functional teams aligned on delivering exceptional customer experiences with Gainsight UI that lives in their primary system. Or make it easy for them to do it all on the go with an intuitive Mobile App.
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Leverage the power of data to ensure positive outcomes for every customer.

  • With a complex CS org and multiple Sales teams, it’s incredibly important to have stellar communication and one consistent view of the customer from A-Z. Gainsight gives us this consistency and ensures one voice of truth.

    Emily Speer Ryan Director, Customer Success Operations
  • Gainsight has made customer insight effortlessly accessible across our company. In a matter of minutes any member of the team can be equipped to interact with customers.

    Jocelyn Brown VP of Customer Success