Your customers are speaking to you—are you responding?

Customer feedback is only as useful as the actions you drive from it. Gainsight CX pairs a best-in-class customer action platform with robust survey capabilities to automate targeted outreaches, execute follow-up actions, and generate deeper insights.


Personalize and scale your CX programs.

Capture timely feedback and achieve higher response rates by sending personalized messages to your customers at precise moments. Scale and automate your program using Gainsight's best-in-class journey orchestration capabilities.

  • Your team needs context.

    Turn feedback into insights by bringing sentiment analysis and customer health scores together with verbatim feedback so your team can engage while understanding the full customer context.


Close the loop by taking the right action, every time.

Solving customers' challenges isn't easy. It takes a cross-functional team working in tandem with clients. Enable your team to collaborate with Gainsight's best-in-class playbooks, turning detractors into promoters and promoters into advocates.

  • Make every team member an A-player

    With Gainsight's best-practice playbooks, you can prescribe the best course of action to every team member across the organization.

  • Create surveys, personalize content, trigger outreach, and close the loop.

    • Scale customer feedback programs by building end-to-end workflows in Journey Orchestrator.
    • Create high quality, personalized outreaches with native survey builder and email capabilities.
    • Execute closed-loop processes by triggering the right type of follow-up, either human or automated, depending on the specifics of the response.
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  • Identify trends across your customer base.

    • Report out on a wide-range of survey metrics including NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort Score, and more.
    • Leverage customer health scorecards to turn raw feedback into customer health.
    • Use sentiment analysis to understand what drives promoters and detractors.
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  • Collaborate internally and follow up effectively to create “wow” customer experiences.

    • Follow up with detractors or turn positive experiences into positive reviews, advocacy, or new references with best-practice playbooks.
    • Make life easy for your team with pre-populated email templates and playbook tasks.
    • Set goals on follow-up actions and report out with portfolio-level reporting.
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  • Build on the value of your CX program with the Gainsight Customer Cloud.

    • Customer Data Platform: Understand customer health by blending customer feedback with the breadth of customer signals.
    • Product Experience: Leverage your product as a channel to extend your feedback programs and follow-up.
    • Customer Success: Incorporate VoC into a broader customer success strategy to drive retention and growth.
    • Revenue Optimization: Drive growth by leveraging sentiment as a key driver for forecasting and expansion execution.
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