Deliver superior customer experiences at scale

Gainsight CX is a customer experience management solution that combines surveys, journey orchestration, and analytics to help businesses provide a best-in-class experience to their customers.

CX Center

Easily access customer insights in a centralized view.

  • Identify the issues that matter most to your customers with our Natural Language Processing (powered by IBM Watson)
  • Prove the impact of your actions on CX, retention, and revenue growth
  • Stop problems at their source with sentiment-based alerts for your entire organization
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Utilize all survey types for a best-in-class customer feedback program.

  • Build NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort Score, and any other custom survey you desire
  • Save valuable time with survey questions and templates from our best practice library that fit seamlessly into your user experience
  • Analyze survey responses to optimize your strategy based on how recipients respond and engage

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Consolidate data from multiple sources to make it easy and efficient to gain a holistic understanding of your customer.

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Journey Orchestrator

Scale quickly with automated customer journeys.

  • Orchestrate tech touch journeys that engage customers at critical points in their experience 
  • Capture sentiment when it’s fresh with automated customer journeys triggered by major lifecycle events, and ensure customers receive the right survey at the right time
  • Turn happy customers into advocates for your business using prescriptive playbooks
  • Address unhappy customers before they become churn risks with sentiment-based alerts
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Learn what turns customers into promoters and detractors.

  • Report on a wide range of survey metrics including NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort Score, and more
  • Improve your customer experience with robust sentiment analysis
  • Incorporate sentiment into customer health scorecards to get a deeper understanding of your customer base
Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire
Experience Center
Centralize your customer experience data to uncover trends and increase visibility for teams
Capture and analyze customer feedback to better understand customer sentiment and your impact on their success
Journey Orchestrator
Scale faster with automated, closed-loop processes powering surveys and other customer engagements
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