Deliver the Outcomes Your Customers Desire

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Retain and Grow Your Customers at Scale

Gainsight CS makes customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, understand trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

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Retain and Grow Your Customers at Scale

Gainsight offers the core Customer Success capabilities needed to make customers your best growth engine. Get a comprehensive view of your customers, uncover trends and risks, and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

Deliver Superior Customer Experiences At Scale

Our customer experience capabilities combine surveys, customer journey orchestration, and analytics to help businesses provide best-in-class experiences to their customers.

Optimize to Better Retain and Grow Customer Revenue

Gainsight’s revenue optimization solutions provide the tools to optimize revenue growth within your customer base, enabling revenue-focused teams with the insights and workflows needed to take a more programmatic approach to renewal and expansion opportunities.

Supercharge team productivity and scale your CS strategy

  • Empower CSMs to work more efficiently with all of their most important insights and action items for their portfolio in a single, personalized view

  • Trigger the right actions at the right time with proactive alerts and prescriptive, step-by-step playbooks

  • Power your digital-led strategy and deliver personalized engagement at scale with automated journey orchestration

  • Take productivity to the next level with integrations to the tools your team uses every day, such as Zoom, Gong, Gmail and Outlook
Success Plans
customer success timeline

Simplify collaboration around your customers’ success

  • Enable better hand-offs for customer-facing teams and save time with centralized note-taking and touchpoint tracking

  • Capture customer goals, develop an action plan to achieve them, and collaborate directly with customers on their progress

  • Coordinate the right actions across multiple teams and drive consistency in key workflows with prescriptive playbooks

Deeply understand customers to better retain and grow your base.

  • Get an easy-to-understand view of contacts within each account, including key influencers, to better navigate renewal and expansion opportunities

  • Receive real-time alerts on critical news from key accounts to better anticipate and get ahead of potential risk

  • Notify your team when a customer champion changes roles or companies to proactively address potential risk or opportunity
Greater Context For Every Account

See how Gainsight CS helped Cisco transform
their customer success organization.

Customer Success Horizon

Build a best-in-class customer feedback program

  • Gather customer feedback with native survey capabilities including NPS, CSAT, and custom surveys

  • Automatically trigger the right actions and engagement based on customer feedback to power a closed-loop approach

  • Save time with a survey question library and best practice templates that fit seamlessly into your user experience
customer success scorecards

Align Your Business Around a Single View of the Customer

  • Provide a centralized, holistic view of your customer, their journey, and desired outcomes to every team

  • Monitor customer health with the most accurate and comprehensive health scoring framework to spot risk and opportunity sooner

  • Uncover actionable insights and trends from your customer data with powerful, easy-to-use analytics
Centralize Renewal Managment

Better Forecast and Manage Customer Revenue

  • Align every team involved in renewal and expansion opportunities around a single, centralized command center

  • More accurately predict renewals by enriching opportunity data with key customer success insights and AI-powered scoring

  • Easily surface opportunities that need attention and enable your team to take the right actions faster

Uncover actionable CX insights with AI-powered analytics

  • Easily identify the activities that are driving better customer experiences and enable more strategic, data-driven decisions

  • Fully understand the voice of the customer by aggregating and analyzing sentiment from across the Gainsight platform and other third-party sources

  • Prove the impact of your actions on CX, retention, and revenue growth
Cx Center

Deliver The Outcomes Your
Customers Desire

Customer 360

Enable your team with a single source of truth for essential information about every customer


Create a robust framework to capture every dimension of your customer health


Scale your team’s actions with proactive alerts and proven workflows and templates


Align and drive next steps with a chronological, easy-to-update view of every customer interaction

Success Planning

Help your team guide customers to desired outcomes and easily share updates

Horizon Analytics

Explore trends and share critical insight with industry-leading reporting and dashboards

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Deliver The Outcomes Your
Customers Desire

Experience Center

Centralize your customer experience data to uncover trends and increase visibility for teams


Capture and analyze customer feedback to better understand customer sentiment and your impact on their success


Journey Orchestrator

Scale faster with automated, closed-loop processes powering surveys and other customer engagements

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Impact Analyzer

Use AI to connect customer insights with business impact and uncover significant opportunities for growth


Deliver The Outcomes Your
Customers Desire

Renewal Center

Leverage a centralized command center to manage, analyze, and more accurately predict renewals

People Maps

View all the contacts within a customer and understand their influence with the account

Company Intelligence

Effortlessly stay up-to-date on key customers with real-time notifications about critical events

Sponsor Tracking

Monitor key sponsors, proactively alert your team to changes, and maintain customer relationships

Expansion Planning

Leverage rich customer data analysis and robust workflow capabilities to identify expansion opportunities and streamline account planning

Expansion Leads

Unlock a new pipeline source and showcase the impact of CS on revenue growth with Customer Success Qualified Leads

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Higher Logic chose Gainsight RO to power real-time renewal visibility and predictable, data-driven renewal forecasting.