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How Docebo Community Hit 96% P2P Support In Less Than a Year

With a customer community hub, Docebo was able to implement a robust Digital Customer Success strategy that improved customer engagement, expanded its learning culture, and boosted usage of its other tools.


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In Brief

Docebo, a global learning technology company, faced the challenge of providing its customers with more opportunities to connect, share best practices, ask questions, and provide product feedback. They created the Docebo Community in 2021 using Gainsight’s Digital Hub, and it has since grown to over 4,000 members with an average of over 50 new registered users per week in 2022. The Digital Hub created a centralized hub that has improved how the company interacts with its customers, driven customer engagement through peer-to-peer interaction, expanded its learning culture, and boosted usage of its other tools like its Knowledge Base and University.


One of the goals of the community hub was to enhance customer education, which is where Adam Ballhaussen, Senior Director of Customer Education and Advocacy, came into the picture. During his time at his previous company nCino, he witnessed the power of having a central place where customers could access training, documentation, and share ideas with one another and was ready to implement the same strategy.

Our customers needed a way to connect with one another and get information from Docebo. We were lacking pretty heavily in our customers’ ability to self-serve.

Adam Ballhaussen
Senior Director of Customer Education & Advocacy

When Docebo started its search for the right community vendor, they compiled a list of 8-9 vendors. Gainsight was chosen because it had the right tools to get Docebo Community up and running quickly, provided expert advice, and had a purpose-built solution for B2B SaaS.

“inSided ticked all his boxes and had the right tools to get Docebo Community hub up and running quickly and provided the expert advice he was looking for. “InSided is purpose-built for B2B SaaS.”
– Adam Ballhaussen, Senior Director of Customer Education & Advocacy

Throughout the sales process, I felt extremely supported and understood by inSided’s sales team and the experts within the organization. They were community practitioners and experts who were helping advise on our strategy. This helped accelerate our time to value.

Ballhaussen built the community with the help of Gainsight’s Digital Hub, which provided a suite of modules to facilitate self-service, engagement, and closed-loop feedback through events, knowledge base, product ideation, and release notes.


In the first six months of the hub going live, 40% of its customers reported communicating less with support as a result of their involvement with the community. Customers were getting answers in a more timely manner and had an alternative channel to go beyond Support. Docebo also could tap into a one-to-many approach.

The fact that the company is helping two individuals for every person who submits a support ticket is something to be celebrated.

Adam Ballhaussen
Senior Director of Customer Education & Advocacy

When Erin Brisson took over the community a year later as community manager, her goal was to keep the momentum going. In June 2022, the rate of questions answered by peers in the community hit 96%. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative learning culture that Brisson has built through careful, continuous, and meaningful engagement with community members.


Through this process, Docebo has discovered that its Digital Hub serves multiple use cases and is not only helping with self-service but for building customer advocacy and creating a stickier product.

Docebo Community has added value for Docebo customers that goes beyond just our products and services. Through the community, our customers can find other like-minded individuals that can help them succeed in their roles. This ecosystem becomes an irreplaceable asset for our customers that helps drive retention and advocacy.

Adam Ballhaussen
Senior Director of Customer Education & Advocacy

Brisson and Ballhaussen are investing in fostering these relationships and community connections. They’ve doubled the size of the community team by recently bringing on a community moderator to support moderating user-generated content, as well as new content creation. They look forward to making Docebo Community the cornerstone of a number of new advocacy programs that the team plans to introduce in 2023, all while continuing to help serve customers’ needs first and foremost.