Infobip Gains New Insights into Product Usage and Drives 8% Increase in Feature Adoption With Gainsight

Infobip, a global cloud communications company has long taken pride in being customer-centric. However, its product development team was hampered in gaining a deep understanding of how customers were using products, which features they found most valuable, and how to advise on extracting further value. To enable customer centricity while experiencing rapid growth, Infobip deployed Gainsight PX.


increase in feature adoption

Infobip is a global cloud communications company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel engagement, offering a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Using the company’s solutions, Infobip’s customers – including businesses and developers – and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications, enhance the customer experience, and grow their businesses quickly, securely, and reliably. Serving SMBs to large enterprises, Infobip counts Burger King, L’Occitane, Salesforce, and Uber among its clients. Since its founding in 2006, the company has grown to establish an international presence with 1,700+ employees in more than 60 offices worldwide.


Struggling to Enhance Customer Centricity

Infobip has long taken pride in being customer centric. Based on customer needs, the company is constantly expanding its portfolio of products. However, the rapid growth brought organizational challenges. The company wanted to continue to weave customercentricity into its product development but the tools the product development team used couldn’t satisfy their desire to unlock a deeper level of customer insight.

The team used several analytics tools but with each product managed separately and generating unique events, the company was unable to understand what best practices applied across all products.

As a result, the team was hampered in gaining a deep understanding of how customers were using products, which features they found most valuable, and how to advise on extracting further value. This was a serious issue since the product team is focused on understanding the value of their products and transforming that knowledge into commercial success.

As Igor Kranjcec, Product Marketing Manager for Infobip, explains,

“We were growing quickly and needed to better understand how customers use our products and a better way to engage them.”

Igor Kranjcec
Product Marketing Manager for Infobip


A Single Source for Analytics and In-App Engagement

The product team was hoping it could find a single tool to enable analytics and engagement, but assumed it would need to call upon multiple tools. After evaluating nearly 15 vendors against its list of requirements, it selected Gainsight PX (formerly Aptrinsic).

According to Kranjcec, Gainsight PX offered the best value for the money. Plus, it was rare in enabling contextual engagement based on the included analytics. “Other vendors offered good solutions for either analytics or engagement but Gainsight PX provided a single solution for both. That meant faster time to market and a more cohesive experience for us,” explains Kranjcec.

Infobip integrated Gainsight PX with Slack so the product and customer success teams could receive real-time notifications about engagement and customer scores. “It was an easy implementation, even though I’m not a technical person. Going forward, we might integrate Gainsight PX with Salesforce so it serves a broader audience in our company,” he continues.


Making Product Development Truly Customer Centric

While information from Gainsight PX is used across the company, the product development team is the main user. One of the most frequently used features is in-app engagement, including the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys. Integration with Slack means the team can easily share insights about product usage, such as percentage of customers using a certain feature and the scores they gave it. The team can even share sample customer comments to provide additional detail.

Through in-app engagement, Infobip’s product team can keep customers informed of product updates, onboard new customers, and inform them on new ways to use the product by sharing best practices. Gainsight PX even helps improve product usage and adoption.

For instance, when analytics show that customers are taking unnecessary steps, CSMs show them how to streamline their product usage. Analytics also showed that some customers were handling activities manually that could be automated. Now when a customer uses a manual approach, a dialog box triggered by Gainsight PX guides them on how to automate instead. “After testing this in-app engagement for 2 months, we saw an 8% increase in targeted customers using our automation feature, which is very impressive,” explains Kranjcec.

These newfound insights also empower the product development team to prioritize their efforts with the customer in mind. Not only can the team see which features are most valuable, it can see which features are used by only a small set of customers. “Our product team has seen the power of being in direct contact with our customers and seeing how they use our products,” he continues.

In fact, Gainsight PX has evolved the way product development is handled. Infobip has made product analytics an essential part of its customer centric product development process

”No product goes into implementation until the product manager defines what determines product success from the customer’s perspective and how we will track and measure that. In the future, we expect we’ll improve customer retention since this tool enables us to be truly customer-centric.”

Igor Kranjcec
Product Marketing Manager for Infobip