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How Sonos Used Gainsight Customer Communities to Fine-Tune Their Online Community and Build a Resonant Customer Experience

Powered by Gainsight tools, the Sonos community provides an all-in-one destination for self-service and user engagement, delivering a superior customer experience.

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Arbor Education Boosts Engagement 1300% with Digital CS

Arbor Education shifted to a Digital Customer Success strategy powered by the automation of Gainsight CS combined with the data-driven insights and in-app engagements of…

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Mavenlink Masters Product-Market Fit with Gainsight PX and CS Data Insights

Mavenlink, a leader in professional services SaaS, leveraged Gainsight PX and CS to develop data-driven frameworks, tracking adoption, addiction, and attitude metrics, ultimately boosting client…

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Software AG Launches Digital Customer Success with Gainsight’s Customer Success and Product Experience Solutions

Software AG’s TrendMiner product used Gainsight CS and PX to build a Digital Customer Success (CS) model to deliver human-first experiences at scale.

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Bringing People and Process Together: Product Mapping with Gainsight PX

Acquia, the open digital experience company, empowers enterprises to create world-class digital customer experiences. Acquia turned to Gainsight PX to capture deep insights into user…

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AgriWebb Increases Adoption of its Livestock Enterprise Management Solution

AgriWebb’s mission is simple to make ranch management easier and to help farmers reach their livestock business goals. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in-person training,…

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Infobip Gains New Insights into Product Usage and Drives 8% Increase in Feature Adoption With Gainsight

Infobip, a global cloud communications company has long taken pride in being customer-centric. However, its product development team was hampered in gaining a deep understanding…

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How ReviewPro Used Gainsight to Boost Engagement and Slash Churn

Hospitality technology leader, ReviewPro, partnered with Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX to transform their customer success approach. This shift led to remarkable results, including a…

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