Adoption of your products and services is essential to drive Customer Success. Gainsight’s Adoption Management drives meaningful customer engagement with your products and services by executing best-practice adoption plays and tracking the results.

Alert your team

Monitor engagement across all of your products and services and trigger alerts when adoption is low or declining.


Enable meaningful adoption

Take the right set of actions—training, improving usability, resolving issues—to mitigate dips in usage of products or services.


Drive new product or feature adoption

Migrate customers effectively onto the latest version of your products to drive higher retention.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase retention by driving usage of your product and service so customers feel they are getting value from their investment
  • By using Gainsight, I've been able to take our team which was traditionally very reactive and turn them into a team that's proactive.
    Roelf Kuitse, Manager, Customer Success Organization at Imprivata
  • We've seen double digit increases in renewal rates and expansion rates when we've applied Customer Success. Gainsight has been a key lever to drive those business outcomes for Cisco.
    Ed Daly, Global Customer Success at Cisco
  • We were able to use Gainsight Reporting and Calls-to-Action to drive up our on-time renewal rate 10 percentage points.
    Paul Liebman, Head of Global Customer Success at Eventbrite

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