Why You Should Choose Gainsight PX for Product Engagement and User Analytics

Time to value in minutes - not months
Let PX instrument the product for you. Our advanced algorithms will map 100% of your product in minutes -- and auto-detect and add any new features as you build.

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Advanced user analytics and segmentation
Understand retention at a feature or custom event level, not just at a high-level based on last login date.

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Superior application performance
PX is built using modern architecture, which is 100% server side; that means your application won’t slow down the more product engagements you build.

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Don’t just take it
from us...

Users rank Gainsight PX higher versus Pendo in nearly every rating category on G2. When it comes to user analytics and product engagement, we lead the way.

Product-Led Growth
Best Practices

Whether you’re looking for robust user analytics to develop a more thoughtful roadmap or you want to introduce in-app product engagements to tactically drive adoption of key features, success is about more than just the tool; you need a strategy.

Gainsight is a thought leader when it comes to product-led growth. Partnering with us means access to a library of up-to-date content on proven methods and insights to help you tactically drive onboarding, adoption, retention, and expansion via your product.

Gainsight PX is the User Analytics and Product Engagement Platform of Choice for Organizations from SMBs to Enterprises

Fast Setup & Instrumentation

To start analyzing usage data and building engagements, you first need to tell your tool what features or ‘events’ you want to track—that is, what are those things (clicking on a button, filling out steps in a form, etc.) you want to capture usage about. This process should be intuitive and automated, and shouldn’t require engineering resources.

Automatic Product Instrumentation

Alternative solutions gap: Other solutions don’t support automatic mapping into a product hierarchy, resulting in a more manual and time-intensive process to get up and running. In many cases, this also means requesting valuable engineering time and resources to help and / or leads to human error or unmaintainable naming conventions.

PX approach: The PX auto-mapping capability will map your entire product into a structured module and feature hierarchy (with readable names) straight from your usage data. Any new feature introduced will also be detected and marked as new, allowing you to import the mapping with one click.

This process greatly reduces initial implementation time, can be done without coding or engineering support, and also ensures that you always have the most up-to-date usage as your product evolves and new features and URLs get added.

Intuitive Organization of Product Features

Your application likely has dozens if not hundreds of features or events that you want to collect usage insights on. Visualizing these events as a ‘flat list can quickly become overwhelming and unmaintainable, especially when you need to add new features or distinguish one from another.

Alternative solutions gap:

Other solutions don’t support nesting or grouping of features. This creates a challenging “flat list” approach where the organization of features relies on human adherence to data syntax rules and structures.

PX approach:

PX allows you to model your product in a hierarchy, which reflects how you view it. It doesn’t require coding and you can easily change this structure at any time and the reporting will follow suit—enabling you to scale easily. This purpose-built approach for SaaS products saves developer resources and QA cycles. Gainsight PX also deploys by eliminating the “technical debt” associated with sticking to rigid tagging and naming conventions.

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