Gainsight Glossary

Customer Lifecycle Management

Effective customer lifecycle management enables powerful customer interaction strategies and measurement of related metrics. Customer analytics using these metrics can make an impact on the growth of business and can add to profitability. Gainsight’s customer success platform helps focus on the post-sales phase of a customer lifecycle.

Gainsight is a post-sales cognate to marketing automation systems and CRM systems and uses these as data sources. Gainsight gathers information from multiple online sources such as products, your CRM, accounting, customer service and customer surveys to drive insight on how customers are using the products, their happiness quotient, product usage, if they are getting what they paid for and the thoughts they have expressed.

Gainsight tracks this information over time and uses it in multiple ways:

  • Profile and summarize the health of each account

  • Send alerts about upcoming problems or opportunities

  • Display trends in usage

  • Analyze the customer base by revenue, relationship, stage and other factors

Gainsight helps clients maximize revenue and helps identify opportunities to up-sell/cross-sell, increase retention and reduce churn.

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