Gainsight Glossary

Lifecycle Marketing Software

Turn your customer base into an additional revenue source with lifecycle marketing software

After a customer has purchased your product, they are in the perfect position to be primed for upsells and cross-sells. Lifecycle marketing focuses on understanding the customer lifecycle and using those insights to nurture customers—the end goal being a cross-sell or upsell. By gaining a deeper understanding of your customer lifecycle, you can deliver messaging that aligns with each customer’s journey and maximize positive outcomes.

Gainsight is a Customer Success platform that leverages customer intelligence and automation to give you a detailed look at your customers and their journeys with your products. Here are some of the ways Gainsight can boost your lifecycle marketing efforts:

  • Receive instant notifications based on triggers like utilization, product adoption, support engagement, survey responses, and more.
  • Schedule survey outreaches to capture customer feedback at critical points along the customer lifecycle
  • Send targeted emails directly from Gainsight without depending on Marketing

To learn more about Gainsight’s capabilities, schedule a demo today. Gainsight works with your CRM, so whether you’re using, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or all of them combined, Gainsight can be your central source of customer data.

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