Gainsight Glossary

Predictive Customer Analytics

Running predictive customer analytics algorithms on your historical data helps you find the correlating factors that predict a customer turning out to be a possible churn candidate. Gainsight customer success platform offers modules for product adoption, feedback, customer retention and lifetime revenue management.

You can utilize Gainsight customer scorecards and operational and presentation-quality reporting to perform customer predictive analysis on an on-going basis.

Benefits of Using Gainsight for Predictive Customer Analysis

  • Just-in-time customer interaction and reduced churn
  • Unified information for consistent, company-wide access
  • More visibility into customer loyalty
  • Track revenue performance benefits of reduced churn and upsells
  • Trend and pattern analysis
  • Improve monthly recurring revenue

Using Gainsight, you can perform churn analysis and overall MRR/ARR performance over time. You can also perform monthly comparisons of new business vs. upsell vs. downsell vs. churn.

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