Gainsight Glossary

Growing Customer Focus

Approaching business with a customer focus is the new success mantra. Research shows that when customers are happy and satisfied with the product or service offerings, they repeat orders. This emphasizes the need for growing customer focus for improving sales and profits.

Gainsight, a leading customer success management company, knows that ensuring customer success is the key to business growth. It adopts a customer centric approach to persuade customers to stay and not to switch loyalties. Gainsight is aware that the slightest provocation can trigger customer defection. Hence, it employs effective measures to grow customer focus, reduce churn and achieve business growth and success. Below are some ways that Gainsight suggests for growing customer focus.

  • Ensure the customer facing and non-customer facing teams are on the same page
  • Track and measure the level of customer focus
  • Build and foster constructive customer relationships
  • Adopt a customer-centric and proactive approach
  • Analyze customer interactions, behavior and actions to get insights about their wants and needs
  • Understand customer interests to predict future needs

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