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Customer Focus Vs Customer Service

A change in attitude is imperative if companies want to drive sales and revenue in today’s competitive environment. However, they are confused about the right approach i.e. whether to opt for customer focus or customer service.

Gainsight, a customer success management company, knows that when it comes to customer focus vs customer service, both are business strategies having the potential to reduce churn and manage retention. In a sense, customer service attains importance within the context of customer focus. In customer focus, the company puts great emphasis on customer success and customer happiness while customer service is one of the various activities to ensure customer happiness.

Gainsight implements the best of both to ensure customer delight. Below are some measures that Gainsight puts in place to improve customer focus and customer service.

  • Analyzes customer behavior and customer interactions to get insights about customer needs and expectations
  • Tracks and measures the quality and effectiveness of customer service
  • Provides a personalized customer experience
  • Adopts a customer oriented approach rather than a profit oriented approach
  • Focuses on creating a cordial and constructive customer relationship
  • Treats customers as individuals rather than mere numbers
  • Builds and enhances a 360 degree customer view to understand current and future needs
  • Identifies ‘at risk’ customers to reduce churn

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