Gainsight Glossary

Increase Customer Engagement

Increased customer engagement activities improve the prospect of long-term business growth and success. Customer engagement activities drive product adoption and customer retention that contributes to recurring revenue for the business.

Some of the ways to increase customer engagement are:

  • Track product usage – Rank features according to usage. Monitor social media responses regarding feature usability, etc.
  • Improve product usage – Provide product help documentation, tutorials, webinars and release updates. Offer premium packages, plans and more number of user licenses. Respond to queries and alerts and stick to SLA timelines.
  • Measure product usage – Calculate NPS, brand awareness ratio, closure rates, churn rates, up-sell opportunities, etc.

Gainsight is a customer success platform that provides customer intelligence that can be leveraged to increase customer engagement activities. Perform trend and pattern analysis to maintain 95+% monthly recurring revenue.

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