Gainsight Glossary

Increase User Adoption

In order to address the demand for improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, most companies deploy technology solutions. However, the success of implementation depends a great deal on high user adoption.

Gainsight knows that the potential of any new technology, product or service is fully exploited only through strong user adoption. Unless and until, end-users adopt the product or service wholeheartedly, there is no point in companies investing money on new products or services. Gainsight works with companies to increase end-user adoption. Below are some measures that Gainsight puts into practice to increase user adoption. Gainsight adopts the same strategies to increase user adoption with respect to its customer success management system.

  • Track and measure metrics to gain greater visibility
  • Help users identify the features and benefits of the product or service
  • Help users with technical implementation
  • Conduct user experience testing to ensure that user experience meet the proposed needs
  • Analyze customer interaction to get insights about product usage, product integration with the workflow and limitations of the product

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