Gainsight Glossary

Customer Success and Marketing

Streamline your Customer Marketing with Gainsight

Customer Marketing is critical for a business’ Customer Success strategy and at Gainsight, we’re firm believers that Customer Success should own Customer Marketing. A relatively new term, Customer Marketing has yet to have a standard definition. This means that every business might carry out their Customer Marketing strategy a little differently than the next. The duties that tend to fall under Customer Marketing include:

  • Coordinating sales reference calls and customer speakers at marketing events
  • Creating customer-facing content such as webinars and podcasts
  • Managing online reviews
  • Managing NPS programs
  • Managing online advocacy platforms

Customer Marketing focuses heavily on creating customer advocates that can then be leveraged as references in sales calls or as subjects for marketing content. As your company grows, so will the need to standardize the process of storing, nurturing, and calling upon your customer advocates. This is where Gainsight comes in:

  • NameDrop is a must-have feature that proactively suggests appropriate customer references for your prospects using a combination of customer intelligence gleaned from Customer Health Scorecards, NPS and CSAT Survey results, and more.
  • Customized Call-to-Action tasks can be created to guide your Customer Marketing team through processes like coordinating references or soliciting case studies

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