Gainsight Glossary

Successful Customer Service Models

Apart from poor selections and high prices, mediocre customer service can trigger customer defection. Hence, SaaS companies need to select an appropriate model from the different successful customer service models that exist.

According to Gainsight, there should be meaningful interaction between the company and the customer in order to provide great customer service. The SaaS companies should build a productive relationship with customers that inspire trust and confidence. Gainsight’s successful customer service model is that of leveraging customer data and automation for:

  • Identifying ‘at risk’ customers and implementing strategies that compel them to stay
  • Tracing and analyzing metrics to understand customer preferences and expectations
  • Providing personalized content to capture customer attention
  • Tracking adoption data, both historical and current, to monitor real-time engagement health
  • Providing consistent, accurate and on time customer service
  • Responding quickly to customer queries and issues

The successful customer service model enables Gainsight to improve retention, reduce defection and identify opportunities.

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